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BookBuddy Review: Smart Book Stand by CrymsonTec

Singapore has the highest percentage of myopic children. They are often caused by improper reading habits, like reading too closely, reading in dim light, reading for long periods without rest. Singapore company, CrymsonTec, then designed a product specifically to tackle this. They invented a smart bookstand … continue

Chevrolet Optra: 2007 – 2016

I was lucky to be able to buy my first car in 2007 at a low price thanks to the low COE. And thanks to my blogging habit, you and I are able to reminiscent the journey in 2007 from these posts: … continue

Smartwatch Promotion at GearBest

I have been sharing a number of wearables, fitness bands and smartwatches over the past 2 weeks, available from GearBest. It is an ongoing collaboration where they provide review units for my assessment. There is a wearable for everyone. Want a slim fitness band with … continue

My First 10 Days Of April 2016

I have not published a personal entry in my blog for a long time. When I started the blog back in 2006, I wrote more personal stuff. Nowadays, I have a lot more products to review. But once a while, I feel like writing some personal insights to … continue

Migrating To New Desktop PC

This has kept me busy over the weekend. I must be one of the few old-timers who still buy desktops. Actually, I had tried to use a laptop for my powerhouse activities last year, but it didn’t work out. A laptop simply cannot keep up … continue

How To Shop Online The Smart Way

This is a special post, because this is the 1,000th blog post I published, that’s according to WordPress. I also happen to hit 100,000 views on my new WordPress blog since May after I migrated from Blogger (again, according to WordPress Jetpack site stats). I was … continue

Year End Gift Guide 2015

My last year’s gift guide was quite popular, and so I’ve decided to do up another gift guide for this year. And like last year, all these products I recommend are personally reviewed (unless indicated otherwise). Prices indicated are recommended retail price, so the street price could … continue

GearBest Cyber Monday Sale: My Shopping List

Did you manage to order any good deals on the GearBest Black Friday promotion? All the crazy deals are totally gone, like the Xiaomi new hybrid earphones, which was out within minutes. The Darth Vader nano-block set is still available at US$1.99. Anyway, GearBest is … continue

GearBest Black Friday Sale: My Shopping List

This weekend is going to be a massive shopping period for everyone. Internationally, there is the Black Friday sale, made popular by the U.S. after Thanksgiving. There is the Cyber Monday, created to encourage consumers to shop online on the Monday after Thanksgiving. Locally in … continue

Targus Grid Backpack Review

Targus brand is synonymous with laptop cases and computer accessories. Your laptops and other electronic devices are valuable, so you should invest on a good carrier to protect your prized possessions. Targus latest Grid Backpack series are built to take some serious beating. It comes … continue

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