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Piano Spa 7

Featuring award winning pianist, composer and arranger, Chester Tan and introducing pianist-composer Bevlyn Khoo, comes another 30 beautiful and relaxing compositions for a serene body, mind and soul. All tracks composed, arranged and performed by Chester Tan except the following: CD1 tracks 2, 5, 8, … continue

Piano Spa 6: by Chester Tan and Tat Tong

It all started with a casual conversation with Tat Tong, a chart-topping music producer from T2 Productions. I told him about my past Piano Spa albums and he got inspired to produce instrumental albums. After discussing with Warner Music Singapore, Tat asked me if I … continue

Best of Piano Spa: Serenity

Warner Music Singapore has released the second Piano Spa compilation since “Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection” in April 2010. This new compilation, titled Best of Piano Spa: Serenity, is the perfect companion to the “Timeless” compilation. You will be pleased to know that there are … continue

Chester Tan: COMPASS Young Composer of the Year

Last evening, I received the COMPASS Young Composer of the Year award at the 16th COMPASS Awards. I was also awarded the Top Local Instrumental Contemporary Song of the year. It’s a surprise win after 14 years of composing (from Uni days) and 6 years … continue

Best Selection of Piano Spa

Unknown to me, Warner Music has another Piano Spa compilation album in the market. Best Selection of Piano Spa is a 2-CD compilation sold exclusively at CD Rama. I came across it when I was comparing prices at CD Rama. I managed to find my … continue

Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection

Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection. 4CD collectors set. A selection of 60 best Piano Spa masterpieces. Now on sale at all music stores. I was caught by surprise when I visited HMV this afternoon. A quick call to my music agent confirms it. Actually, Warner … continue

Thank you, CAAS

Months ago, CAAS – i.e. Changi Airport – announced that they are support local artists by playing local works as background music so that they can earn some royalty. In fact, CAAS has already been doing that since 2007. Thanks to their support for Piano … continue

Piano Love Letters – Jazz & New Age

This album was published by Warner Music Korea in 2006. A 2CD album featuring songs by Laura Fygi, Ray Charles, Renee Olstead, Chester Tan, Maksim, Ennio Morricone… wait a minute. Is my name in that list? Yes. I found out about this album 2 years … continue

Piano Spa 4 – TV Commercial

Finally managed to record the TV Commercial of my latest Piano Spa album. The background music they used for the commercial is in CD1 track 2, “Colours”.

Piano Spa 4: It Is Out There

Piano Spa 4 is out for quite a while, but I could only confirm today when I bought a copy at the CD shop. This time round, Piano Spa 4 is truly a ‘Various Artists’ album, because Fred Lin also contributed half of the album. … continue

Google “Piano Spa”

It’s been a long long time since I find out how my album has been doing. So I googled it and found some interesting stuffs: 1. A plastic surgeon in Japan used it in his clinic and he claimed Piano Spa is therapeutic. Link2. My … continue

That Spa Promotion

Met my parents for lunch today. Mum brought a few Piano Spa CDs for me to autograph. She told me that she bought them at THAT CD SHOP at an offer – 3 for $49.90. Best of all, THAT CD SHOP also stocks Piano Spa … continue

Spa Too Soon?

Some people felt that Piano Spa 3 came a little too soon, as the Piano Spa 2 was launched only in July last year, and people might not have listened enough. Or could be perceived to be a mass-produced album. I guess the album is … continue

Piano Spa 3 is Bliss

This is Piano Spa 3. Bliss. Today I checked out Gramophone, That CD Shop, and CD Rama. They all still have not displayed the album. Gramophone has none of the Piano Spa series while the other 2 has well-stocked the 2 existing albums. That CD … continue

Piano Spa 3liss – launch date confirmed

Today my manager told me that my latest Piano Spa will be out for sale this Friday. And as you can see from the preview image, it will be called ‘Bliss’, where the ‘B’ is actually a visual play of the numeric ‘3’, signifying the … continue

Piano Spa 3 – cover preview

Here’s a sneak preview of my third and final Piano Spa album. You can see that the theme is ‘sunflowers’. My wife claims that this is the best album of the 3, although I felt that my 2nd album was better when I was developing … continue

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