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2014 In Summary

It’s been another exciting 12 months. It amazes me how many gadgets I have actually touched and reviewed – 56 products in all (more than in 2013). In 2014, I was determined in increase my audio products reviews, and did it. Mobile devices continue to … continue

ASUS Router Review: RT-AC56U

Recently, I noticed that my D-Link router is not performing optimally. Coverage seems poorer at my apartment and the connection speed is not as speedy. When ASUS launched the new router, RT-AC56U, I decided to request for a review unit to try it out. Specs: … continue

Dropbox Version History Saves My Day

For the past few days, I have been working on a Powerpoint presentation on my Windows desktop. Little by little, I added the slides and by late afternoon, I had an almost complete product. At some point in time, I saved it and went out … continue – Micro SD Cards

Memory Card Zoo is an online shop offering wide range of memory cards, bags, batteries, headphones, and accessories. Based in Guernsey, they carry 100% genuine UK stock. Worldwide shipping is also competitive – it costs only £4-7.50 to ship to Singapore. This week, I received … continue

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