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2016 Toyota Fortuner Review (Singapore)

For a sedan driver all my life, test driving the Toyota Fortuner is quite an experience that will not come by frequently. The Toyota Fortuner 2.7L dual VVT-i is the much-needed refresh of the line since 2005 – 11 years later. I had a shock … continue

BookBuddy Review: Smart Book Stand by CrymsonTec

Singapore has the highest percentage of myopic children. They are often caused by improper reading habits, like reading too closely, reading in dim light, reading for long periods without rest. Singapore company, CrymsonTec, then designed a product specifically to tackle this. They invented a smart bookstand … continue

UPro P5 Children GPS Tracker Watch: Review

Important Note: This watch only works on 2G GSM network. From 1 Apr 2017, all Singapore telcos will stop supporting 2G network as mandated by IMDA. Read here. Are you concerned about your young children’s whereabouts while at work? How do you track them? Smartphones … continue

Remembering Singapore 1965: Happy National Day 2015

50 years ago today, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew signed the proclamation of independence and Singapore became a sovereign democratic nation. The announcement was made on television at 10am. The news appeared on The Straits Times the next day. There were plenty of doubts, but we pressed on, … continue

The Joy of Creating On-Demand Photobook Prints

Creating photobooks has been an important yet meaningful ritual for me. One, a chance to revisit the moments for the past months. Two, to create a physical momento to be enjoyed with friends and relatives, where the touch of a real book out-experiences on-screen browsing. … continue

LEGO 80 Years, 1932-2012

Have you beard? LEGOLAND Malaysia will be open to public from 15 Sep! The first LEGOLAND in Asia, yippe! Read the media preview event coverage by SUPERADRIANME. Coincidentally, Shell Singapore is also offering exclusive Ferrari Model LEGO Collection. Every 2 weeks from 27 Aug to … continue

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