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List of SG50 Singapore Songs

With less than a month to 9 Aug 2015, Singapore’s 50th National Day, the local music community is filled with songs specially produced for the occasion. And all of them are available for free download.   Here are a list of my favourite ones, in … continue

The Talents of Our Young: Play By Ear

My ex-colleague’s son is such a talent! He could play my tribute piano composition for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew just by listening, without scores. We call that “play-by-ear”.     Andrew (AJ) is one of the 50 young pianists who are selected out of 300 to … continue

Chester Tan: The Invisible Musician

This morning, James from Warner Singapore excitedly messaged me. I was prominently featured in the TODAY paper today. In the “TODAY T COVER” section page 43, I was given a full page photo with an eye-catching headline. Chester Tan: One of the most famous Singaporean … continue

Piano Spa 7

Featuring award winning pianist, composer and arranger, Chester Tan and introducing pianist-composer Bevlyn Khoo, comes another 30 beautiful and relaxing compositions for a serene body, mind and soul. All tracks composed, arranged and performed by Chester Tan except the following: CD1 tracks 2, 5, 8, … continue

Buying A New Digital Piano: Yamaha P-255

Photo by Candy Sari Last weekend, I was caught on camera (paparazzi!) testing digital pianos at a Yamaha showroom. Yes, I am replacing the Korg SP-500 which has been with me for a very long time. When I bought it back then for about S$2000, … continue

Piano Spa 6: by Chester Tan and Tat Tong

It all started with a casual conversation with Tat Tong, a chart-topping music producer from T2 Productions. I told him about my past Piano Spa albums and he got inspired to produce instrumental albums. After discussing with Warner Music Singapore, Tat asked me if I … continue

Best of Piano Spa: Serenity

Warner Music Singapore has released the second Piano Spa compilation since “Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection” in April 2010. This new compilation, titled Best of Piano Spa: Serenity, is the perfect companion to the “Timeless” compilation. You will be pleased to know that there are … continue

Best Selection of Piano Spa

Unknown to me, Warner Music has another Piano Spa compilation album in the market. Best Selection of Piano Spa is a 2-CD compilation sold exclusively at CD Rama. I came across it when I was comparing prices at CD Rama. I managed to find my … continue

Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection

Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection. 4CD collectors set. A selection of 60 best Piano Spa masterpieces. Now on sale at all music stores. I was caught by surprise when I visited HMV this afternoon. A quick call to my music agent confirms it. Actually, Warner … continue

Piano Love Letters – Jazz & New Age

This album was published by Warner Music Korea in 2006. A 2CD album featuring songs by Laura Fygi, Ray Charles, Renee Olstead, Chester Tan, Maksim, Ennio Morricone… wait a minute. Is my name in that list? Yes. I found out about this album 2 years … continue

Piano Spa 4 – TV Commercial

Finally managed to record the TV Commercial of my latest Piano Spa album. The background music they used for the commercial is in CD1 track 2, “Colours”.

Piano Spa 4: It Is Out There

Piano Spa 4 is out for quite a while, but I could only confirm today when I bought a copy at the CD shop. This time round, Piano Spa 4 is truly a ‘Various Artists’ album, because Fred Lin also contributed half of the album. … continue

Rock On, Piano

My latest music album project is finally going to be released, according to my agent. The moment I got hold of the cover design images, I promptly created a web site, as I always did for all my other albums, Timeless and Piano Spa series. … continue

Rock On Akoustik Piano

After over 2 years of contemplating, I finally bought a software piano sampler. In case you are wondering what’s that, a software piano sampler is basically a software piano. Nowadays, you don’t need to buy a hardware synthesizer to get the instrument sounds you need: … continue

That Spa Promotion

Met my parents for lunch today. Mum brought a few Piano Spa CDs for me to autograph. She told me that she bought them at THAT CD SHOP at an offer – 3 for $49.90. Best of all, THAT CD SHOP also stocks Piano Spa … continue

Spa Too Soon?

Some people felt that Piano Spa 3 came a little too soon, as the Piano Spa 2 was launched only in July last year, and people might not have listened enough. Or could be perceived to be a mass-produced album. I guess the album is … continue

Piano Spa 3 is Bliss

This is Piano Spa 3. Bliss. Today I checked out Gramophone, That CD Shop, and CD Rama. They all still have not displayed the album. Gramophone has none of the Piano Spa series while the other 2 has well-stocked the 2 existing albums. That CD … continue

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