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The Great Singapore Sale 2017 is coming, and if you are on the hunt for electrical products, here is a shopping tip:

On 25 May 2017, new members who sign up Audio House membership get $100 worth of cash e-vouchers!

Important! Sign up ONLY on 25 May 2017 from 0000 hrs to 2359 hrs to enjoy additional $40 bonus e-vouchers ok! If you sign up outside this window, you will only get $60 free e-vouchers.

Excited? Skeptical? Technically, the deal is real, but there are terms and conditions. So let me help you clarify in simple terms.

  1. You can redeem $20 for every $100 spent. That is 20% discount!
  2. You will also earn 3% cash e-vouchers from the price after off-setting the discount.
  3. Membership is FREE for life.

What it means is that to redeem the entire $100 worth, you just need to spend $500. On top of that, you still get $12 e-vouchers ($400 x 3%) to accumulate for your next purchase.

If you browse their website, some items also come with additional vouchers, like below:


Audio House fridge sale

In this example, when you buy $489, you can offset $80 e-vouchers in your account, and you get to pocket $140 more e-vouchers mentioned in the sale description. So at the end of this purchase, you have $160 e-vouchers left – more than when you begin with. And you only pay $409 for the fridge! Then what you should do next is to shop for another item, say, TV costing about $1000, which you can offset $160, hence you pay just $840, but not before earning yet another stash of e-vouchers – for your third purchase!

I think this is a really smart program. On one hand, it gives discount to shoppers. On the other hand, it generates repeat purchases of shoppers who accumulate e-vouchers in their accounts.

Audio House is a reputable retailer who has been doing business for decades in Singapore, way before this digital generation. They sell almost any consumer electrical products, including TV, fridge, washer, dryer, kitchen hob hood oven, wine cooler, freezer, camera, desktop computer, laptop, tablet, speaker, headphones, home entertainment, air-conditioner, and other small home appliances. Personally, I have no brand loyalty, and I go to any reputable retailers that offer the lowest price. Based on experience, there is never one single retailer that sells all the cheapest items, so a smart shopper should check out other shops to determine the best deal. Even if you can’t find any deals now, I think it is still a smart move to sign up this membership and wait out for any new deals or purchases that you need. Who knows, your TV may konk-out on 26 May? Touch wood!

Sign up only on 25 May 2017

Don’t get too excited yet. Remember to sign up only on 25 May 2017 to receive $100 cash e-vouchers (instead of $60 on any other day, see pic below). There is no limited quantity, so ANYONE who signs up on that day will get the full $100.

Audio House membership drive


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Disclaimer: As part of this collaboration, Audio House will be rewarding me some e-vouchers too. So I’m going to sign up on 25 May as well to utilise them! Friends who are too lazy to sign up on their own can contact me for a collaborative shopping spree!!!

Article Name
Audio House Membership Drive on 25 May 2017
Sign up for Audio House membership on 25 May 2017 to receive $100 cash vouchers instead of $60. Membership is free for life.

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