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Popular Food Delivery Apps in Singapore

Thanks to the digital revolution, the food industry has grown exponentially with the availability of food order and delivery via apps. Personally, I am not a fan of food delivery because the food may lack freshness due to the time it takes from the kitchen … continue

Aztech Aircook AAF7630 5.5L Air Fryer

Ed: Give a hand to my wife’s first blog article in years! Yes, she blogged for a while back in 2007. That blog is still live but her last post was in Dec 2009.   Given my hectic work on weekdays, weekends are times when … continue

Nov 2010 Hong Kong Vacation – Day 1 and 2

Finally I have time to review my photos and relive the nice vacation I had last month in Hong Kong! It’s also quite interesting as I revisited my 2009 vacation post. and compared what I did then and now. Armed with the Samsung NX100 with … continue

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (version 2010)

I’m off to the airport in less than 4 hours and I’m still blogging here! Just wanna drop a quick note that I’ll be spending my days in Hong Kong from 12 to 16 Nov. It’s rather coincidental that 2 of my colleagues are also … continue

2 Japanese Buffet Restaurants

Last week I went to 2 Japanese buffet restaurants for a meal. Kiseki, located at The Heeren, is priced only at $19.80++ on weekday lunches. It’s kindda like a marketplace: the food is so-so. If you want to try Japanese food and is a big … continue

Never Trust Food Reviews. Here’s Why

Yesterday, my colleagues drove me to this well-known prawn noodle at MacPherson, called Ho Nam (River South). And boy, I admit I loved the soup, it’s so rich and delicious! The ribs are tender. The prawns, well, it’s not the freshest, but pretty decent size … continue

Pasta Festa by Mien

A new pasta stall has just opened at the Tanjong Pagar Plaza Market. Pasta Festa is managed by Jack and June. Jack took apprenticeship with Mien, whose stall resides at Bukit Timah Food Centre. Barely opened for a few days, they asked me to do … continue

CNY Goodies: Pine Garden Pineapple Tart

I seldom blog about food, but this deserves an exception. Pine Garden’s pineapple tart is simply delicious. I’ve eaten many kinds of tarts, and I’m generally not a picky eater. To me, anything tastes fine, and people who knows me will know that I do … continue

White Dog Cafe and Henderson Waves

After a photoshoot yesterday, I met me wifey for dinner at Vivocity. Not knowing what to eat, we wandered and chanced upon White Dog Cafe. I had craving for western food and admittedly the menu photos are tantalizing. But we left and looked around further … continue

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