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Annaling: Photo Shoot

Annaling was a long time friend since 2009 when we first did a photo story shoot. We finally caught up again this year and during our second meet-up, we decided to do a short photo shoot over lunch, just to let us indulge in our … continue

Portrait with Zoe Raymond on Samsung NX30

Zoe Raymond has been one of the first few models I’ve worked with and has been pivotal in honing my photographic style. It’s been a privilege to document her growing years. Together, we have created many firsts in our own respective shooting milestones. Post by … continue

Diana Khir: Portraits

Diana is one of those models who got in touch with me years ago but never got down to collaborate. Yes, it all sounds so familiar (for those who have worked with me before), but well, I don’t have all the time in the world. … continue

Rebecca: Portraiture

After a long hiatus from portraiture photography, I collaborated with Lynette for a portrait shoot on Rebecca.  Click for larger image With a little coaxing and directions, I managed to catch her in various moods and looks. Read Lynette’s blog entry about the shoot here. If … continue

Oh, Mandy

As usual, I spent some quality time discussing with Mandy on the shoot concept before getting down to do the shoot, even if it means waiting for months (I’m a patient man). Our original idea was a gloomy windy beach shoot look. Alas, the weather … continue


Gwen and I have been in discussion for months on shoot themes. Then I happened to have a free time slot last week but we have yet to decide on which concept to do. So I proposed doing beauty shots at her house and she … continue


Jessie stayed near the East Coast, so I arranged to do a shoot there. Jessie is a sweet girl and already has numerous previous photoshoots that shows her youthfulness. So I guided her to deliver a more alluring, confident, determined expression. More photos in my … continue

Amanda Low – Bridal

The shoot with Amanda was laden with challenges one after another. It took a few good months from our first email discussion before we actually settled on a shoot date. And even that date was close to being postponed 4 days before. And on the … continue

Morning Ivy

Apart from wedding day shoot, this session is my earliest hour portraiture photoshoot I’ve ever done. Ivy reached the shoot location at 7.30am and I appeared shortly after. The location is just a grass field in the midst of the HDB estate, rather uninspiring I … continue

Anna L: Portfolio

After the previous outdoor casual shoot, Anna and I did a studio session at my house. Every model must have a few of such photos in their portfolio when going for casting. And there should be minimal photoshopping (save to remove pimples or eye bags), … continue

Emelind C: Portfolio

I finally did a formal portfolio shoot with Emelind. Remember the previous shoot with her at Orchard Central was meant as a test shoot. This time, Emelind got her Japanese makeup artist friend, Emiri, and you can see from the photos that she certainly did … continue

Emelind at Orchard Central

I arranged for a test shoot with Emelind at the new Orchard Central shopping mall on a Thursday afternoon (after taking time off to run some personal errands). Shooting inside the shopping mall is generally prohibited by security, unless you are carrying a compact digicam … continue


Magdalene found my portfolio at Model Mayhem, a community portal where all walks of creatives from all around the world come together to network – models, photographers, wardrobe stylists, make-up artists, fashion designers. My ID is http://www.modelmayhem.com/chestertan She didn’t have a wardrobe of outfits that … continue

Anna Lim

Anna found my blog, saw my works, and contacted me for a photoshoot. Thanks to an overcast sky, the photos turn out as desired, thanks to soft lighting. Anna was a finalist of The New Paper New Face 2007 contest, and has modelled for several … continue

Huirong: Bridal Editorial

This is my first solo outdoor shoot with Huirong, despite knowing her for nearly 4 years (my previous shoots are all group shoots, except the one test shoot done last month). She is so accommodating and carried out all the requested poses and at uncomfortable … continue

Emilia: Super.Model.She.

There is a new reality show coming to Singapore. It’s called SUPERMODELME.tv and will be broadcast exclusively over the Internet at http://supermodelme.tv/ from 16 June 2009. 10 models. 10 weeks. 2 models representing Singapore. 1 Emilia. Since the first time I shot her 1 year … continue

Christine Tan

Christine and I was first acquainted almost 4 years ago. We discussed about doing a shoot but never materialised. Over the years, Christine has perfected that winning smile and is been featured in numerous print ads and magazines. Last month, Christine contacted me for a … continue

Huirong: The Reunion

The last time I photographed Huirong was in September 2006. The last time I met her in person was in Aug 2008. After discussing about our shoot for 2 years, we finally met again on 21 May for a test shoot. A simple single-light beauty-dish … continue

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