Jabra Elite 65t Review: True Wireless Earbuds

Jabra has a track record of making great sounding fitness wireless earphones. I have personally owned 2 previous Jabra products, the Jabra Rox and Jabra Sport Pulse. While Jabra is not the first to launch true wireless earbuds, they are very active in product development. … continue

SOUL X-SHOCK Review: True Wireless Sports Earbuds

Soul Electronics manufactures a wide range of audio products like earphones, headphones, and speakers. Needless to say, they too ventured into true wireless earbuds, but instead of merely going through their traditional sales channel, they went through crowdfunding, Indiegogo, to garner interest. Response was overwhelming … continue

Aztech Wireless Mesh Node WMB260(AC) Review

After the launch of the AIR-706P “AIR-volution” router last year, Aztech follows up with the release of compatible AON Mesh nodes, WMB260(AC). In my previous review on the Aztech AON Mesh, I used 2 units of the full-size routers to test the mesh quality. Now … continue

Aztech WIPC309HD Review: Full HD IP Webcam

Aztech, a Singapore electronics manufacturer since 1986, is known for their wide range of consumer tech products like homeplugs, routers, and IP cameras. Their latest IP webcam, WIPC309HD, is with me for review. I have bought Aztech homeplugs and IP cameras over the years, as … continue

Create Free Logos Online With DesignEvo

Early this year, DesignEvo reached out to me to share their website that offers free custom logo designs. It is an online logo maker with 4000 over templates. So I tried it, and it was actually quite impressive. In fact, I redesigned my logo within … continue

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