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LG Sound Bar Flex SJ7 Review

I love reviewing innovative products. LG Singapore recently contacted me to test a sound bar. When I read the product information, I was blown away. It is not just a sound bar! It’s Wire-free! The SJ7 consists of 3 components: 2 speaker units and 1 … continue

2016 In Summary: Best Products Reviewed

2016 is an exceptional year for me and my blog. I published 144 articles, averaging 12 posts per month. I reviewed almost 40 headphones and earphones, 5 speakers, around 20 smartphones and tablets, 15 wearables, 11 cameras, and 5 cars. Every single product tested and … continue

Best Gifts Ideas for 2016

It’s 5 days left to Christmas. If you have not decided what to buy for that special person, here are my recommendations. There are reasons why I love them which I will share with you. No bullshit (quote from Klipsch founder), no commissions, all personal … continue

GTA Gold-Plated Leprechaun Mini Speaker Review

GoldTouch Asia is one of the leading providers for customised gold plating solution in Southeast Asia. They also have years of experience in manufacturing audio products. So this year they decided to combine the expertise of 2 seemingly unrelated product segments to create a new … continue

Sony SRS-HG1 Review: h.ear go Wireless Speaker

Sony has had a good history of producing great wireless speakers. With my previous reviews of the Sony SRS-X3, SRS-X33, SRS-X55 portable speakers, the Sony h.ear go SRS-HG1 somewhat falls flat, literally, in the audio quality. When playing music using flat setting, the treble is veiled, bass … continue

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