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If you are in search for a durable quality laptop stand, here is one that you might want to check out.

I have been doing some shopping on and off for a laptop stand, and the price vary depending on the design and quality. This particular laptop stand provided for review by LaptopStand.Sg is a single-piece aluminium panel that is sand blasted and silver anodized. The stand is water resistant, stainless, and weighs almost 1.8kg.

Laptopstand.Sg ErgoSilver

The first impression of this product is SOLID. If you drop it on the floor, there is a high chance that it might damage the floor! The edges are slightly smoothened to maintain the sharp look yet does not cut into your skin.

Laptopstand.Sg ErgoSilver - top view

There are silicon friction pads at the bottom of the stand as well as the top to protect your table top and your laptop that sits on top of the stand. The aluminium material ensures efficient heat dissipation of your laptop.

Laptopstand.Sg ErgoSilver - bottom view

The stand elevates the laptop by 18cm at the back, 8cm at the front. There is probably some science behind it, because the stand so happens to align nicely with my external monitor elevation.

My work station with Laptopstand.Sg ErgoSilver

The base is 18x24cm. The product page claims it supports laptops up to 18-inch. Honestly, the ErgoSilver stand feels so strong that there is no way any laptop can collapse.

Laptopstand.Sg ErgoSilver - with laptop

It feels so strong that I can rest the weight of my palms on the laptop keyboard and type comfortably. The stand merely flexed down a little – just 0.5cm, and I don’t see how one can accidentally bend and damage the stand.

Laptopstand.Sg ErgoSilver - side view

The hole at the back of the ErgoSilver actually has a plastic ring that is probably there to protect cables going through it. But it is too small for a VGA cable to go through it.

Laptopstand.Sg ErgoSilver - back view

Is the ErgoSilver worth S$49.90? If you are willing to spend a premium on Apple accessories, this laptop stand is definitely worth paying. Being entirely aluminium with no moving parts or joints, the product will last for decades without degradation. The height works great for me and has definitely improved my computing experience at work, where I spend almost 10 hours. I can also make use of the space below the laptop to keep the wireless keyboard or Bluetooth speakers.

If you are not keen on the ErgoSilver because it is not adjustable, you might want to look at other products by LaptopStand.Sg. The ErgoSilver 2, at S$34.90, is an angled laptop riser without elevation, and TwiggyStand, at S$34.90, is portable and adjustable by height. All products come with 6 months warranty. Courier delivery charge is S$7 flat, or opt for self-collect at their warehouse at 39 Jalan Pemimpin, #03-04.

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Thank you LaptopStand.Sg for providing the non-returnable review unit for my review and to help me improve my posture when working at office. 

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