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Best Travel Camera: Sony RX100 IV Review

3 years ago, I reviewed the first-generation Sony RX100, an amazing compact camera with outstanding performance. This year, Sony released its 4th-generation RX100, Mark 4. I requested Sony Singapore to lend me a unit so that I could review during the eventful holiday season. Features … continue

Nov 2010 Hong Kong Vacation – Day 1 and 2

Finally I have time to review my photos and relive the nice vacation I had last month in Hong Kong! It’s also quite interesting as I revisited my 2009 vacation post. and compared what I did then and now. Armed with the Samsung NX100 with … continue

Hong Kong, Hong Kong (version 2010)

I’m off to the airport in less than 4 hours and I’m still blogging here! Just wanna drop a quick note that I’ll be spending my days in Hong Kong from 12 to 16 Nov. It’s rather coincidental that 2 of my colleagues are also … continue

Hong Kong Nov 2009 – Day 4 and 5

29 Nov 2009 Morning to Day 4. Going for dimsum at Maxims then to Citygate factory outlets. 9:06 AM Nov 29th from Gravity We were told that Maxims Palace serve great dim sum, so we took MTR to Central and walked to Hong Kong City … continue

Hong Kong Nov 2009 – Day 3

28 Nov 2009 http://twitpic.com/r8r9i – We allowed ourselves to sleep in after 2 days of early wakes. A 9th flr view of hotel Panorama, 8.30am. 9:36 AM Nov 28th from Gravity We took the MTR to Central and made our way to Yung Kee. Thanks … continue

Hong Kong Nov 2009 – Day 2

27 Nov 2009 On vacation but still have to wake up at 6.10am. Going to catch the 8.30am ferry to Macau. 6:52 AM Nov 27th from Gravity And that was the only tweet for the day, because as I headed to Macau, I do not … continue

Hong Kong Nov 2009 – Day 1

This vacation has been a unique experience for me, mostly because of mobile technology within my palm. For the first time, I am updating my whereabouts via Twitter and Facebook so that you people can get my latest status and photos. And for those that … continue

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