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BAIT: a photostory with Angela

I did a label search on my blog and realised that my previous photostory was in 2010 February. Angela Chew first reached out to me in June 2009 with a Facebook message to compliment my photography. It was only 2 years later that we crossed … continue

The Seed Of Love

For my latest photostory, Ashlyn approached me months before her big wedding day. Tapping my specialisation in photostory, she requested me to create a video that will express her appreciation to the man that she loves. The photo session took place in December 2009, and … continue

photostory: MURDER

Here’s the final product of my latest photo story, titled MURDER. It’s a simple story about a deadly fight between 2 friends. The story idea came about during an MSN conversation among the 3 of us. You can have lots of ideas but at the … continue

Melody: Chimes, a Photo Story

After reviewing dozens of requests and multiple interactions through email and MSN, Melody is the first talent to be featured in my new photo story. She was chosen to be the first not by merit, but by chance. I had a free slot last Saturday, … continue

The Return To Photo Story

In 2008, I produced 9 photo stories. In 2009 till Aug, I only did 2.http://chester.sg/photostory/deon-angel/http://chester.sg/photostory/sindy/ This year I have been doing lots of conceptual fashion-styled shoots, and they are getting quite a lot of attention than when I did photo stories, because simply, they work … continue

Photostory: The Angel’s New Paradise

Deon will be leaving Singapore in 2 weeks time. She will be studying music in Melbourne. Back in August 2008, I already did an indoor shoot with her and her harps, at her home.http://musicphotolife.com/2008/08/d700-road-test-deon/ So on 2 Jan 2009, we went outdoors with her mini-harp … continue

Ashlyn – Listen To The Light

Ashlyn contacted me on the last week of December 2008 requesting for a photo session. After checking my schedule, I decided to arrange the shoot on 31 Dec afternoon – the last day of 2008. Ashlyn went all out to make the shoot possible, by … continue

The Final Ember – Concept Notes

After sharing my latest photostory on ClubSNAP, the leading photographic forum in Singapore, there has been a few comments and questions regarding the portrayal of the character in the photostory. Basically, some viewers felt that the portrayal of a sick and dying cancer girl is … continue

Photo Story: The Final Ember

It all started with this photo… (not shot by me! It’s a reference photo) Many months ago, I found this photo in an online photo forum. The model bears an uncanny resemblance to Zoe, a model friend. I showed her the photo and she was … continue

Photo Story: Emilia

Here’s a photostory I created for Emilia whom I shot last month. The pitch for the story goes like this: “A talented model with an ambition for greater achievements in life, this photo story attempts to capture this genuine moment before she leaves her teens. … continue

Photo Story Assignment: Lara

Lara is 17 years but she is already experiencing the urban pressures of a grown up. Longing for freedom of her life, she writes to me her story and requests that I produce a photostory. Here are some images taken during the shoot one month … continue

Photo Story: Madeleine – Sun Day

Madeleine – Bikini-000 cover wOriginally uploaded by photodiary After 670 photos and 100 shortlists, I’ve completed the photo story for Madeleine. It took me a while to get this photo book layout done because of some other ongoing assignments. But I’m glad I finished it … continue

Nikki’s Photostory

Since the beginning of the Lunar New Year of the Rat, I have been sleeping very late every night, partly because I wanted to stay up for Mayenne’s feed so that Mummy didn’t have to wake up from her beauty sleep. Other reason is to … continue

Photobooks of Real People

I love creating photobooks. It’s the best end-product to the photos compiled into meaningful sequences. I also like to capture images reflecting the real person – in another word, journalistic. See, anyone who puts on make-up and styles the hair and wears nice clothes will … continue

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