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LG G6 and LG V20 Quad DAC Comparison

LG V20 features ES9218 Hi-Fi 32-bit DAC from ESS, while LG G6 (selected regions) appears to use ES9218+ variant. The V20 comes with 3 AOP Mic while G6 only has 2 AOP. This means the G6 does not support directional mic, where I can adjust the … continue

2016 In Summary: Best Products Reviewed

2016 is an exceptional year for me and my blog. I published 144 articles, averaging 12 posts per month. I reviewed almost 40 headphones and earphones, 5 speakers, around 20 smartphones and tablets, 15 wearables, 11 cameras, and 5 cars. Every single product tested and … continue

Best Gifts Ideas for 2016

It’s 5 days left to Christmas. If you have not decided what to buy for that special person, here are my recommendations. There are reasons why I love them which I will share with you. No bullshit (quote from Klipsch founder), no commissions, all personal … continue

SG-JP Music Mix 2016 on 30 Nov 2016

There is a music event happening in Singapore on 30 Nov 2016. 5 music artistes from Japan and Singapore will come together for a one-night performance at the Victoria Concert Hall. This is the third edition of the concert, held annually since 2014 under the … continue

Plantronics BackBeat GO 3 Review

Plantronics may appear to be just another company that sells wireless communication products like audio headsets, but instead of creating just another “me too” Bluetooth sports headset, Plantronics latest BackBeat GO 3 incorporates several features that makes the headset a little extra special. Redesigned The … continue

Alpha & Delta D2M earphones review

Alpha & Delta is an in-house brand since 2015 by local company Lend Me UR Ears who specialises in China-branded audio headphones. They have a retail store in Singapore and also carries several other brands like Fischer Audio. The D2 series is a low-cost earphones … continue

Sony NW-A26HN Walkman

Sony’s NW-A26HN is an updated release to the earlier A15 which was given to me by Sony during a campaign last year. From the photo above, you can see that they are identical in exterior, with just a few differences: A20-series support built-in active noise … continue

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