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Inception: The Movie Review

What caught my eye to catch this movie yesterday (the first day of public screening in Singapore) was ST Life’s 5-star review. Is it that good? Well, let’s just say that I was mentally prepared that this movie would be extremely mind-boggling, so I really … continue

Movie Insight: A Single Man

On Wednesday night, I watched “A Single Man”, starring Colin Firth and Julianne Moore. Not many cinemas are screening the movie, and it’s rated R21 for homosexuality content. Tom Ford produces and directs this artistic film that was nominated for several film awards and won … continue

Tweets: 2010 Oscar Nominees

Oscar Nominees announced. 17 minutes ago from yoono Avatar got 9 nominations! District 9 got 4! Inglorious Basterds got 8. The Hurt Locker got 8 too, never caught that movie yet. 11 minutes ago from yoono Sherlock Holmes nominated for Art Direction and Music. … continue

Mile High Movie Club

Watched 2 movies on the plane, to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong. The first movie was “The Time Traveler’s Wife”. Although it’s a rather far-fetched tale, it brings a fresh perspective about love and relationships that literally transcend time. What I find so surreal … continue

Blood Ties – The Movie 還魂

I would like to recommend a film here. It’s called 還魂, written and directed by Chai Yee Wei, his debut full-length feature film. This is the first film that is funded by Singapore Film Commission’s Feature Film Fund, co-produced by Oak3. It is not a … continue

District 9

If you have watched the District 9 trailer thinking that you know what the movie is about, you are wrong. The trailer doesn’t reveal anything about the plot, except the fact that the guy who got exposed to the “alien matter” seems to hint something. … continue

TAKEN The Movie

I was deciding what movie to watch over the weekend. Wolverine is not out until Wednesday, and there wasn’t any must-see movies in my list. Initially I decided to catch The International because I thought it must be a nice movie, not from the story … continue

Movie Marathon Month

I’ve watched more movies this month than the entire 2008 year (I think). My way of celebrating the holidays. Twilight. It’s more of a teenage fan movie. Nothing fantastic and bombastic, just a glamorous vampire love fantasy tale. Personally I felt that the screen adaptation … continue

The Dark Knight – finally

After almost 2 weeks of the islandwide theatrical release, I finally watched the Batman sequel, The Dark Knight, today. I’ve read so many blogs about how good Heath Ledger is. I felt that his performance is overrated, partly because he didn’t hog the screen time … continue

Neil Humphreys – The angmoh who was here

Father’s Day was just another day, which is perfectly fine. We had lunch with my family with guest appearance by Angie’s mum at Peach Garden at OCBC Centre. After a usually-delicious meal with a mouth-opening view, Angie and I went to catch the movie, Kungfu … continue

Indiana Jones

Today I caught Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the cinemas. I can’t even remember the last time I watched the franchise movies, but with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford, you just have to watch it, no matter … continue

What is our National Treasure?

When Nuffnang asked me “what is our national treasure”, the first thing that comes to my mind is: Love. As corny as it sounds, love makes everything and anything possible. With the power of love, we achieve. Nuff said. National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets … continue

More Than Meets The Eye

Before I start, I have to show you this funny video clip, Bollywood ‘Thriller’ with English phonetic subtitles! What do I mean? Just watch! It’s ingenious, they even have my name in it! After 2 months of planning, I finally watched TRANSFORMERS with good friends … continue


Shrek is probably one of the most successful animated motion picture series. Each of the movies are supported by stellar cast and none of them is replaced since the original movie. The formula works because Shrek incorporates many fairy-tale characters that are dear to us, … continue


2 more TRANSFORMERS motion picture sneaks. 1. TV Trailer that shows more scenes View here 2. A chase-fight scene between Optimus Prime and Bonecrusher along the highway, official footage from Michael Bay’s website. View here 3. Optimus Prime is also exclusively featured in 2007 MTV … continue

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