Instagram has got a new update feature: Stories. It works just like Snapchat. Right.

With this enhancement, Instagram has brought Snapchat features to the massive community of users who never used Snapchat on its own. Users like me.

For sure, the launch of Instagram Stories will increase my data usage, since I follow so many people and the stories seem to load faster than Snapchat. Actually, I have been thinking for months on how to utilise the Snapchat platform. Now with Instagram latest feature, I don’t have to spend time building a network of followers and followings.

I intend to use Instagram Stories to share moments of my reviewing of gadgets. This means that you are likely to catch me unveiling new review units, attending product events, discussing the gadgets I am testing. These recorded snaps will be gone in 24 hours and I might not repost the moments into Instagram feed, so do view the stories when available.

I like that the Instagram Stories allows me to save the stories or publish to the existing Instagram feed when I feel like it. Also, I can re-watch the stories of my friends as many times as I want, unlike Snapchat.

For Instagram users who have not used Snapchat – myself included – they are likely to using Instagram Stories to experience what Snapchatters have been doing, and either continue or stop entirely. For existing Snapchat users who are already so used to Snapchat, they will try posting on both apps for a period of time, until they decide if Instagram Stories is worth their time.

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Instagram Stories: Snapchat Features
Article Name
Instagram Stories: Snapchat Features
Never get to try Snapchat, but thanks to Instagram latest feature, Stories, I have finally posted my first story. And more to come.

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