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ASUS MB16AC Review: Portable USB Monitor

Years ago when my Gen-1 iPad started to become obsolete, I explored the possibility of using it as a secondary display that can be used with a desktop or laptop. But the solution seemed less elegant, involving connecting to the same Wifi instead of using … continue

Sony MP-CL1 Review: Mobile Portable Projector

My 3 year-old home projector suddenly broke down, so I sent it for repair. Coincidentally, Sony offered their new mobile projector, MP-CL1, for review. It supports connecting via HDMI, MHL or wireless Miracast which is a standard Android feature. The device is no bigger than the ASUS … continue

ASUS USB-Powered LED Monitor MB168B+

Ever since the mass adoption of tablets, people like me have been trying to use tablets as a multi-monitor setup with severe constraints. For instance, running remote desktop app to extend the desktop display. Many resort to simpler workarounds like segregating applications on different devices, … continue

2013 in Summary

2013 has been another year of gadget reviews, a slight drop in numbers compared to 2012. This is within my expectations, because I am trying to balance my increase workload on my full-time career. In fact, I was impressed at how many reviews I have accomplished … continue

Multi-touch Monitor For Desktop: Is It Necessary?

Microsoft Windows 8 was launched a year ago, and with it comes touch-interaction on a desktop operating system. Windows-run tablets and touchscreen laptops have been out in the market for the same period of time. For consumers who owns non-touch desktops and laptops, manufacturers like … continue

Dell U3011: UltraSharp 30-inch monitor review

After reviewing the Dell U2412M 24-inch monitor a few weeks back, Dell threw me another premium monitor. The Dell U3011 is a new 30-inch model replacing the U3008WFP. The IPS panel is factory calibrated to sRGB and AdobeRGB modes, so it saves the hassle of … continue

Review: Dell UltraSharp U2412M e-IPS Monitor

I always appreciate large monitors. I myself have 2 monitors which are set up side-by-side for extended display, allowing me to see more windows. I don’t quite understand why many of my co-workers have no interest in enjoying the benefit, even though our office has … continue

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