Today I finally received the NTUlink, a quarterly newsletter for NTU alumni. The interview was done in August but because I missed the August issue, they could only publish the article in November. Then, the alumni office informed me that they are revamping the magazine, so it was delayed yet again.

It is only in NTU that I actually started composing music. That was 10 years ago. Today I went to dig out my archives and found what are perhaps my very first compositions that I wrote and arranged. These 2 songs were from the NTU Hall 5 musical, “Come Light My Lantern”. The vocals have been re-recorded in 2002, but the arrangement is the original 1996 recording.

Hurry Up
Words: Tham Yin May
Music: Chester Tan, 27 Nov 1996
Arr: Chester Tan
Vocals: Maids (Tham Yin May, Angie Choo, Soh Chai Chia, Peggy Mooi)

If Only I Had Listened (‘Blind’)
Words: Tham Yin May
Music: Chester Tan, 9 Nov 1996
Arr: Chester Tan
Vocal: Ah Long (Chester Tan)

If you are interested in the rehearsal and performance photos, you can view the photos here.

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