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LAMY screen Review: Stylus Ballpoint Pen

This is my very first formal review of a pen. Well, technically-speaking, it is classified as a gadget accessory, since it has a screen stylus on the other end of the pen which you can use on touch screen devices, from smartphones to tablets and even … continue

Bose SoundDock Series III

Having impressed by the Bose SoundLink Mini, I took in the Bose SoundDock Series III for a review. While this is not a new model, the purple colour is a new limited edition release in Singapore which will appeal to colour lovers. The SoundDock Series … continue

Bose SIE2 / SIE2i Sport Earphones

The Bose SIE2 and SIE2i sport earphones is one of the few earphones that I find comfortable for sports and just as good for normal music listening. The beauty of Bose SIE2/i StayHear ear tips is that unlike the usual in-ear phones where it relies … continue

3 Reasons Why Telegram is Awesome

Here’s a 19-billion dollar question: what is it about Telegram that makes consumers want to switch from Whatsapp? Like many early adopters, I installed Telegram just to see if it’s worth the switch. Initially, I was somewhat disappointed to see that Telegram GUI is a … continue

Epson MG-850HD Projector with iPhone Dock

Within weeks after the EPSON blogger’s event, I received the MG-850HD projector for review. And this might well be the first projector you would buy for your home. Preview Impressions Plug your Apple product – iPhone, iPad, iPod – onto this projector and do presentations, browse … continue

Audyssey SOMA Dock: Home Review

One showroom audio review and two blog posts later, I finally get a chance to bring the Audyssey SOMA audio dock back to my home for an on-location review. We all know that showroom conditions always seem to make the audio product sound better. So … continue

Audyssey SOMA Audio Dock: A Friend’s Testimony

Remember my previous review about the Audyssey SoMa Audio Dock, and that my colleague intended to get one? Well, he finally made a pre-order from Sound Decisions. Yes, the dock is so popular that it is out of stock till end August! I’d like to … continue

Audyssey: South of Market (SoMa) Audio Dock

They claim to be “the best sounding dock in the market.” And I think they are right. Eugene from Sound Decisions invited me to experience this 13x23x23cm sound machine at their showroom at The Adelphi. When I arrived there, he first took us on a … continue

Decide between iPad 1 or iPad 2

Today, SingTel launches the sale of iPad 2 with mobile plan subsidy. Apple Store Singapore also stocked up the iPad 2 and made available for order late this week. The rush to get the iPad seems imminent. I have friends asking whether they should look … continue

iPad: 2nd Generation

Last year, I applied leave just to queue for the iPad. I was the last person in queue to secure the iPad 16GB Wifi at BEST Denki City Square outlet. iPad was out of stock island-wide by the end of the day, only to be … continue

Audio Speed Changing Apps: Android vs. iOS

Over the past few days, I was trying to find an app that I can adjust the speed of the audio files during playback – and preferably with an option to save/export the adjusted speed. Why do I need that? Because ballet exams are approaching … continue

What’s In The Envelope?

There’s something in the manila envelope… Ooh, there’s an iPad in it. Except, it’s not made of paper. Look closer. Made up of soft cloth material on the inside and smooth leather-like finishing on the outside, this iPad protective case lets you re-enact that “wow” … continue

The iPad Camera Connection Kit

I ordered the iPad Camera Connection Kit (CCK) on 29 Jul with a “3-4 week delivery time”. My colleague ordered his on 3 Aug with a “3-4 week delivery time”. He received his CCK on 11 Aug. I haven’t receive mine yet. Screwed up Apple … continue

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