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Music.Photo.Tech.Digest: 6 April 2015

In this week’s digest, I share what’s happened over the past 2 weeks in my life, and what’s going to happen over the next 2 weeks. [Music] Condolence Singapore came to a standstill last week with the passing of our Founding Prime Minister Mr. Lee … continue

Remembering Lee Kuan Yew (1923 – 2015)

There are no words to describe his contribution to the nation, to the region, and to the world. There is no need to write in length to justify his immense accomplishments. There is sorrow on his passing, but there is also celebration of his legacy. … continue

Chester Tan: The Invisible Musician

This morning, James from Warner Singapore excitedly messaged me. I was prominently featured in the TODAY paper today. In the “TODAY T COVER” section page 43, I was given a full page photo with an eye-catching headline. Chester Tan: One of the most famous Singaporean … continue

Music.Photo.Tech.Digest: 18 Jan 2015

In this digest, I’ll be covering activity trackers, Bluetooth speakers, blogger engagement, and a few contests. Activity Tracker I completed the review of the Xiaomi Mi Band (head to the link if you have not read it). At the same time, I got hold of … continue

Piano Spa 7

Featuring award winning pianist, composer and arranger, Chester Tan and introducing pianist-composer Bevlyn Khoo, comes another 30 beautiful and relaxing compositions for a serene body, mind and soul. All tracks composed, arranged and performed by Chester Tan except the following: CD1 tracks 2, 5, 8, … continue

Yiruma 이루마 Live in Singapore 5 April

I know a lot of you are pretty excited about Yiruma 이루마 performing in Singapore on 5 April 2014. He is one of the composer-pianists that shapes my composition style, after Yukie Nishimura, Kevin Kern, Suzanne Ciani, to name a few piano composers. And, add Missa Johnouchi … continue

Piano Spa 6: by Chester Tan and Tat Tong

It all started with a casual conversation with Tat Tong, a chart-topping music producer from T2 Productions. I told him about my past Piano Spa albums and he got inspired to produce instrumental albums. After discussing with Warner Music Singapore, Tat asked me if I … continue

Best of Piano Spa: Serenity

Warner Music Singapore has released the second Piano Spa compilation since “Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection” in April 2010. This new compilation, titled Best of Piano Spa: Serenity, is the perfect companion to the “Timeless” compilation. You will be pleased to know that there are … continue

Christmas with HP – AMP-lified

Hewlett Packard (hp) invited me to a blogger party event to showcase their latest lifestyle products. The PR people from Waggener Edstrom has put in a lot of effort to make this event a unique experience. First, they couriered a box of jelly beans, a … continue

New composition: There Is Nothing Else To Love

I composed this song in one take. It sings of despair and desolation, of loneliness, of lovelessness. Of trying to find a way out, of crying out for attention, for directions. But still, there is no answer. Listen from last.fm

Best Selection of Piano Spa

Unknown to me, Warner Music has another Piano Spa compilation album in the market. Best Selection of Piano Spa is a 2-CD compilation sold exclusively at CD Rama. I came across it when I was comparing prices at CD Rama. I managed to find my … continue

Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection

Piano Spa: The Timeless Collection. 4CD collectors set. A selection of 60 best Piano Spa masterpieces. Now on sale at all music stores. I was caught by surprise when I visited HMV this afternoon. A quick call to my music agent confirms it. Actually, Warner … continue

First Composition for the Year 2010: Spring Bloom

I christened my song to my new home, where it gives me new inspirations to start composing once again, after months of hiatus. Listen: Spring Bloom by Chester Tan (5:01) I only realised after I uploaded the track that the composition has references to 2 … continue

Piano Love Letters – Jazz & New Age

This album was published by Warner Music Korea in 2006. A 2CD album featuring songs by Laura Fygi, Ray Charles, Renee Olstead, Chester Tan, Maksim, Ennio Morricone… wait a minute. Is my name in that list? Yes. I found out about this album 2 years … continue

Piano Spa 4 – TV Commercial

Finally managed to record the TV Commercial of my latest Piano Spa album. The background music they used for the commercial is in CD1 track 2, “Colours”.

Red Nano for the Red Dot

Today, the Straits Times (and probably many other national newspapers) features large prominent adverts on Red Nano, the new search engine created by SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) solely on the Singapore market. It makes sure that all the search results are localised to Singapore context. … continue

Piano Spa 4: It Is Out There

Piano Spa 4 is out for quite a while, but I could only confirm today when I bought a copy at the CD shop. This time round, Piano Spa 4 is truly a ‘Various Artists’ album, because Fred Lin also contributed half of the album. … continue

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