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V3 Sport Camera Review: 4K Wi-Fi 16MP

It is easy to estimate the quality of a product by its selling price. When a product is expensive, consumers naturally expect it to be of good quality. Conversely, if a product is low, people may associate it to low quality. When my favourite China online … continue

AVerTV Mobile 510: TV Tuner Review

Ever fancy watching free-to-air TV channels on your smartphone but do not want to incur any data streaming costs? This product might just be the one for you and your family. This product by AVerMedia is essentially a digital TV tuner (DVB-T2) that plugs into … continue

List of SG50 Singapore Songs

With less than a month to 9 Aug 2015, Singapore’s 50th National Day, the local music community is filled with songs specially produced for the occasion. And all of them are available for free download.   Here are a list of my favourite ones, in … continue

The Talents of Our Young: Play By Ear

My ex-colleague’s son is such a talent! He could play my tribute piano composition for Mr. Lee Kuan Yew just by listening, without scores. We call that “play-by-ear”.     Andrew (AJ) is one of the 50 young pianists who are selected out of 300 to … continue

Sarah Cheng-De Winne: Parallel Lives official MV

Have a listen and watch this new music video by Singaporean songwriter-singer, Sarah Cheng-De Winne. Awesome rich and soulful voice. The tune sounds familiar, can’t recall where I heard it from. But of course, this song was published more than a year ago. I must … continue

This Is Home – Singapore National Day Song

Come August, Singapore celebrates National Day, which gives me pleasure to share a National song that I produced 2 years ago, with vocals by Bevlyn Khoo, a local songwriter with several albums to her credit. Unlike other covers online, our version offers equal melodic weightage … continue

I Like Gangnam Style

When wifey told me about this song that went viral, I went to take a look at the music video on YouTube. I was amused by the video content, at his silly dance moves, the satirical portrayal of scenes, the funny-sounding lyrics. I thought, like … continue

Mayenne: Animated

Haven’t blogged about Mayenne since her 2nd birthday. Photos do no justice to document her growth, so I’m sharing some video clips here. One of my most favourite clips, it shows how she attempts animatedly to read a storybook. An antic that till now we … continue

Lunchtime Double-time

One of the first photos taken with my LG Viewty Smart GC900 at the Photo Blogger event on Wed. The white balance was pretty aggressive. The place was lit with warm lighting but the shot turned out well-adjusted.  Yesterday, I went for lunch near my … continue

Another Creative Thai Ad

Thailand ads are often laced with emotions. Here’s one to share. Pantene did this 4-minute theatre commercial about a deaf girl who yearns to learn the violin, snubbed by her pianist classmate. Eventually, she overcame the prejudice and her own inferiority and did it. Not … continue

Vanessa Mae: Toccata & Fugue

Remember Vanessa-Mae? Britain-based Singapore violinist who was known for her classical-pop fusion style. Here’s a performance of one of her popular track, with live orchestra and church organ.

The Final Ember – Concept Notes

After sharing my latest photostory on ClubSNAP, the leading photographic forum in Singapore, there has been a few comments and questions regarding the portrayal of the character in the photostory. Basically, some viewers felt that the portrayal of a sick and dying cancer girl is … continue

And then there is Google Picasa 3 (beta)

My friend read about my blog on Google Chrome and he asked me, “So, are you going to review Picasa 3 as well?” I was like:”What? Picasa 3 is already out?” Funny how things just came when you least expected it. I quickly installed it … continue

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