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A Church Wedding Photo Journal

My Saturday clockwork routine had a break when I received an invitation to attend a church wedding from a ballet student whom I played for many many years ago when she was a teenager. We kept in touch over Facebook because her birthday is 2 … continue

Capturing 360-Degree Photos with LG 360 CAM: Review

For over a month, I have been carrying the LG 360 CAM with me everywhere and creating 360-degree photos. Readers following my Facebook page, Twitter, or Instagram, would have seen a lot of images I posted, images that distort perceptions and perspectives, that either wowed viewers … continue

Instagram Stories: Snapchat Features

Instagram has got a new update feature: Stories. It works just like Snapchat. Right. With this enhancement, Instagram has brought Snapchat features to the massive community of users who never used Snapchat on its own. Users like me. For sure, the launch of Instagram Stories will increase … continue

10 Reasons Why I Love Wide Angle Cameras

1. Wide angle camera lenses let me capture perspectives similar to our human vision. 2. It immerses the viewer into the scene. 3. It makes the subject look dramatic. 4. It presents objects in an interesting perspective. 5. Things look further than they actually are. 6. Perfect for candids, as … continue

Canon G5X Review: Compact Camera

I have not reviewed any Canon product for many years. Last month, they reached out to me to resume my engagement, much to my delight. The first product I am reviewing is the Canon PowerShot G5X. The Canon PowerShot branding started since 1996 and has … continue

Lomography Lomo’Instant Giveaway

For those who read earlier about the upcoming collaboration with Lomography, here it is! Lomography, in partnership with my blog, brings you the chance to win your very own Lomo’Instant Camera! How to win? Just visit this Google Form site link for full instructions: Wondering why you … continue

Samsung NX1 Review: Better Late Than Never

After years of dormant photographic activity, I have decided to divest my DSLR system. Previously I mentioned in my mirrorless vs. DSLR post that my next camera system would be a professional-grade mirrorless system as it is a compelling replacement to the responsive DSLR experience. For … continue

Best Travel Camera: Sony RX100 IV Review

3 years ago, I reviewed the first-generation Sony RX100, an amazing compact camera with outstanding performance. This year, Sony released its 4th-generation RX100, Mark 4. I requested Sony Singapore to lend me a unit so that I could review during the eventful holiday season. Features … continue

Annaling: Photo Shoot

Annaling was a long time friend since 2009 when we first did a photo story shoot. We finally caught up again this year and during our second meet-up, we decided to do a short photo shoot over lunch, just to let us indulge in our … continue

Can Mirrorless Camera Replace DSLR?

Mirrorless camera technology has a relatively short history, compared to other imaging devices such as DSLR, compact cameras, and even phone cameras, but I must say its development is the fastest among them. In Jan 2009, I experienced my first mirrorless camera in the market, … continue

Music.Photo.Tech.Digest: 21 Mar 2015

In this week’s digest, I will share about my previous experience as a ballet pianist, about shooting panorama photos, about upgrading your router, as well as a product launch event. To end off, I will discuss about the blogger engagement issue Xiaxue championed. [Music] No … continue

Music.Photo.Tech.Digest: 8 Mar 2015

This week’s digest has got to be the most “complete” in terms of coverage. Why? Because I have an article on MUSIC, another artiele on PHOTO, and another article on TECH. Splendid. Chester Tan – A Little-Less Invisible Musician After the “sensational” newspaper article, which … continue

The Joy of Creating On-Demand Photobook Prints

Creating photobooks has been an important yet meaningful ritual for me. One, a chance to revisit the moments for the past months. Two, to create a physical momento to be enjoyed with friends and relatives, where the touch of a real book out-experiences on-screen browsing. … continue

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