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Zeppelin X iBasso DX200

Zeppelin & Co. is an audio cafe in Singapore located in one of the most unlikely places – Sim Lim Square. It turns out to be a perfect fit: although Sim Lim Square sells computer stuff, it is a place frequented by tech geeks. And … continue

Sony NW-A26HN Walkman

Sony’s NW-A26HN is an updated release to the earlier A15 which was given to me by Sony during a campaign last year. From the photo above, you can see that they are identical in exterior, with just a few differences: A20-series support built-in active noise … continue

Portable Amplifier TOPPING NX3 Review

Despite being an audio lover since young, I have steered clear of using portable headphone amplifiers for my audio devices. My listening principle has always been to stay faithful to the original source. And my preference is always a neutral audio experience: responsive bass, detailed … continue

Sony NW-ZX100 Review: Hi-Res Audio Walkman

After experiencing the NWZ-A15 early this year, Sony recently launched the new A20 series with some hardware improvements and more colour choices. But the new A20 still does not support the 24-bit DSD file format. The ZX100, however, does. So I asked Sony Singapore for … continue

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