LG G5 rear camera module close up

1. Wide angle camera lenses let me capture perspectives similar to our human vision.

Interior car wide angle shot with LG G5
Door-to-door capture of the car interior.

2. It immerses the viewer into the scene.

Performance event wide angle shot with LG G5
Wide view of the crowd.

3. It makes the subject look dramatic.

Suntec City Fountain wide angle shot with LG G5
So wide, it even caught my finger in the photo.

4. It presents objects in an interesting perspective.

Top-down car wide angle shot with LG G5
The Volkswagen Sportsvan from top-down.

5. Things look further than they actually are.

Interior wide angle shot with LG G5
Does Centrepoint look huge?

6. Perfect for candids, as people don’t realise that they are in the photos.

Ordering food, wide angle shot with LG G5

7. It creates images that make people see differently.

Funan IT Mall wide angle shot with LG G5
Fish-eye effect.

8. When you are already against the wall and needed to take a table shot that includes everyone.

Dining table, wide angle shot with LG G5
Always avoid positioning yourself at the sides during a group photo using wide-angle lens.

9. You will never have to step back to capture everything that is in front.

Food stall wide angle shot with LG G5
This stall serves fantastic bak chor mee!

10. And most importantly, no need to shoot in panorama mode and get imperfect stitched photos.

Wide angle shot with LG G5

All photos are shot with LG G5 smartphone with ultra wide angle 135-degree camera. LG G5 is the first smartphone with 3 functioning camera lens: 2 rear and 1 front.

The alternative to the LG G5 is a full-frame mirrorless camera or DSLR with a hyper-wide angle rectilinear lens like the Voigtlader 10mm f/5.6 lens costing around S$1600. It captures with minimal distortion and definitely worth the price if you are a professional and wants to capture any of the images above with less distortion. Here’s how it looks like when shooting the interior of Funan IT Mall (compared to #5 above):

Funan IT Mall shot by Chester Chen
Funan IT Mall shot by Chester Chen, retsehcnehc@hotmail.com. Used with permission.

Chester Chen (not me, I’m Chester Tan) shoots the above image with Sony A7SII full frame mirrorless camera. He is a Sony Professional Photographer. Visit his Flickr account for more hyper-wide angle photos and surreal infra-red images.

If you prefer a lighter system, you might want to consider LG G5. Read my LG G5 full review.

10 Reasons Why I Love Wide Angle Cameras
Article Name
10 Reasons Why I Love Wide Angle Cameras
10 photos to explain why I love to take photos using the LG G5 wide-angle camera, which captures 135-degree viewing angle, almost fish-eye.

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