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NO.1 F6 Smartwatch Review: GearBest Offer

Almost 2 years ago, I reviewed the NO.1 D5 smartwatch running on full-fledged Android 4.4 OS and supports 3G SIM. Recently, GearBest contacted me again to collaborate and review their products on my blog. The product? NO.1 F6. Who is GearBest? GearBest is a China … continue

Zeblaze MiniWear Smartwatch

Here’s another post to share some interesting wearables sold in GearBest, which remains one of my favourite online gadget shopping stores. I often find GearBest prices are cheaper than other sites. Plus, they offer free shipping, though I must admit the shipping times take rather long, though … continue

Smartwatch Promotion at GearBest

I have been sharing a number of wearables, fitness bands and smartwatches over the past 2 weeks, available from GearBest. It is an ongoing collaboration where they provide review units for my assessment. There is a wearable for everyone. Want a slim fitness band with … continue

Q2 Siri Smartwatch from GearBest

I noticed that many of my readers love smartwatches, so here’s another one from GearBest. This one even has a coupon code to give additional discounts. This smartwatch is Q2 “Siri” Smartwatch. A brief search on the Internet reveals that it is also known as … continue

Aiwear M2S Fitness Band Smartwatch with Heartrate Sensor

As part of the ongoing collaboration with GearBest to provide new gadget products for my impartial review, I will be sharing some noteworthy products that GearBest is offering on their website. I usually do not ask for financial benefits to my contribution. What I like to get is either complimentary products … continue

Haier G6 Smartwatch Review

GearBest has sent me another smartwatch to review. This is the Haier G6. Not to be confused with the Haier Watch announced during MWC 2016, the Haier G6 runs on the same Mediatek MTK2502C chipset as Zeblaze Crystal which I have previously reviewed. Design wise, … continue

Mpow Antelope Bluetooth Headset MBH30 Review

There are so many audio products out there, it is extremely difficult for me to review all and recommend. For unknown brands without reliable reviews, the chances of a consumer purchase may be slim. But whatever that reaches my ears, I can safely recommend. Thanks … continue

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