The first Piano Spa album was released in 2005, but its origin started way back, in 1996. After practicing piano for over 15 years, inspiration struck me and I started composing piano music from 1996. Pacific Dreams was one of the first few piano compositions I wrote in my lifetime, and it turned out pretty good. It is a favourite among my friends and listeners.

Back then, publishing music is not as easy as today, so the compositions were only known to close friends. Finally in early 2000s, my music manager got a licensing deal with Warner Music Singapore, and the rest is history. Piano Spa went on to release 7 albums, and along the way, got contributors like Fred Lin (Piano Spa 4 and 5), Tat Tong (Piano Spa 6) and Bevlyn Khoo (Piano Spa 7).

For months, I have always wanted to do something with my existing compositions – over 100 of them, but have been kept occupied with product reviews which keep coming in. As I take a step back from all the hustle and bustle, my heart tells me that making music is still a great love to me. It’s the ultimate food for my soul, and making music brings me extreme joy and peace. Creating music is always been for me, not for fans, not for money. They are the footprints of my existence, a journal of my life.

This is my musicdiary.

People have been asking me if I will release another album. It’s not a matter of “if”, but “when”. To warm things up, here is a live recording of Pacific Dreams, 2019.


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