UPro P5 GPS Watch for Children

Important Note: This watch only works on 2G GSM network. From 1 Apr 2017, all Singapore telcos will stop supporting 2G network as mandated by IMDA. Read here.

Are you concerned about your young children’s whereabouts while at work? How do you track them? Smartphones already provide this function. If you enable the Google Location History, the smartphone will store the location at intervals under your own Google account. There are also third party apps like Life360 that offers interactive features where you can join a group and everyone in the group can see one another’s location.

UPro P5 GPS Watch for Children

Tracking Your Children

When my daughter began schooling at Primary 1, I would put a data-SIM smartphone in her bag so that it tracks her whereabouts, and so that she could contact us (using IP voice apps like Hangouts and Facebook Messenger) if necessary. I made sure I lock most of the apps using an AppLock app, only enabling the essential features. To reward her, I would set a timer to unlock all the apps after a certain time.

The drawback of the smartphone is that it is not always with her, for instance, during play times or when visiting the washroom. And, I do not want to nurture the habit of over-relying on smartphones.

In several overseas countries, there are already selling SIM-enabled GPS watches (check out the here) to provide some restricted but essential communication. But these products are locked to service providers with monthly subscription, and no one seems to be bringing them, so I assume it does not work in Singapore.

In comparison, the China-brand products are not subscription-bound, which means I could just buy one and try it out without any commitment.

Choosing a GPS Tracker Watch For Children

I was extremely careful when buying such technological products. First, the watch must be SIM-unlocked to support Singapore mobile network. Second, the app which runs on the smartphone to track the watch must be user-friendly or else the device is practically useless. Finally, it must be cheap enough and low-risk to purchase.

Once again, GearBest meets all the requirements. It took me a long time after browsing Taobao, Aliexpress, and many other China shopping sites before I came to GearBest. It also took me a while to research for the most affordable GPS watch with the most number of features and a nice design.

Why do I choose UPro P5 among so many other brands?

1. Overall Design

The UPro 5 is a rather normal kiddy-looking, albeit oversized, watch. The watch strap is removable and you can wear as a pendant.

UPro P5 GPS Watch for Children

The rear cover of the watch is plastic which is less harmful to the child’s skin.

UPro P5 GPS Watch for Children


2. User-friendly App

I’ve tested the official UPro P5 app before I purchase. The app looks intuitive and English-friendly. (Android app and help guide in English – download link hosted by Google Drive)

Uproguard screenshot

Uproguard screenshot

The app requires you to create an account. Once done, you register the GPS watch with the serial number. From there on, you can configure the watch settings.

3. Price

I bought it for less than US$40 from GearBest.com. Available in pink, blue, white and black, stocks move pretty fast. Last week there were stocks and today I checked, only black is left.

UPro5 GearBest

Features and Functions

Here are my comments of the UPro P5 after weeks of using:

  1. Emergency Contact: Upon configuring the emergency contact, the watch wearer can call with the press of a button. If I miss the call, the app will remind me of a missed event.
  2. Remote Call Number: When a number is configured as remote call number, this number can call to the watch and auto answer without ringing so that you can hear the environment. The issue is that this number cannot be the same as the emergency contact. So I workaround by configuring the remote call number as my office number.
  3. Voice Quality: To be honest, I could barely hear the caller over the watch, so this watch is not going to work in noisy environment. The call volume from the caller is also not very loud and clear, but it is good enough for emergency situations – definitely not for proper voice conversations. So, when dialing in remotely, you could hear noises, but it would be a challenge to figure out the conversations in the environment, unless the speaker talks directly onto the phone.
  4. GPS Tracking: the watch records the position once every hour, but you can trigger a more regular update on-demand. GPS is not very accurate, but fortunately it supports Google Maps and reflects the approximate address location. It is not an issue, as I only want to know whether my daughter is at the right place, e.g. around school, around home. The watch will not be able to let me track her in, say, a shopping mall.
  5. Historical data: The app lets you retrieve GPS tracking history since I started using the watch.
  6. Battery lasts 2-3 days. The app will notify you when battery level is low so that you can take the watch from your child to charge it. Charging takes less than an hour.
  7. It does not work with StarHub Prepaid SIM. I am not sure if other operators’ prepaid SIM works, and I was unable to seek any technical assistance because the watch is not an iDA-approved device. Even if they want to help, the watch does not have any settings menu to change.
  8. Uses very little data traffic. The watch uses so little data traffic, between 70KB and 300KB daily. That was why I thought of just buying a prepaid SIM. The watch only works on 2G network, and since Singapore will stop 2G network in April 2017, I highly advise against buying this watch for use in Singapore.

UPro P5 GPS Watch for Children


I purchased the UPro P5 with an open mind, knowing well that there will be functions that will not work perfectly. For a product less than S$50, I feel it has delivered great value and offers ease of mind at times when I needed to find out where she is while I was at work.

GearBest is still the cheapest online site to buy this watch. Plus, if you sign up with ShopBack and click through to GearBest, you get substantial cashback (read my review).

Download Link

I have uploaded the Android APK and help guide. The link below will bring you to the Google Drive folder and you can download the files.

Link to Android APK and Help Guide in English

Product Support?

I am unable to offer any product support other than sharing my user experience as described in this blog. If you have other technical issues, like network connectivity problem, hardware problem, app login problem, please contact the seller where you bought from. For my case, I bought from GearBest so they will offer after-sales support.

Just like many China products, they are not designed specifically to be consumed outside China, so there will always be a risk when you buy them. But we still buy them because of the attractive price. Appreciate your patience and understanding when doing online shopping.

2G Network Ceases on 1 April 2017 in Singapore

This watch will not work from 1 April 2017 in Singapore. I would discourage consumers living in Singapore to purchase this watch.

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  1. Hi
    I bought this item in Australia that I can’t find a app for this watch in app store.
    Did you use Android phone?
    Also I cannot download the english manul that information book is too small.
    I really wonder can I use this watch in Australia
    Could you give some advise to my email addres?

  2. Hi there
    I bought these watches too. Live in Sweden and want to use them in Thailand. Have both android and apple devices and cannot find the app. Any help appreciated.

  3. Hi,

    Just wanna know since you already have this watch.
    The instructions on the watch and downloaded application are in English?

      1. I failed to login into the application. The Baidu. I have registered and activated. When i logged in, it said, wrong password. I resetted the passowrd, it said, the account is not exist

      2. How did you switch it to English? It’s all foreign and I cannot figure out how to switch it over. Any website I find is the same. Any help please?

  4. Hi Chester,
    Which sg telco sim card or prepaid card you use? I try Starhub sim can only make call but no data connection.

    1. I also use StarHub during my review. I do find that some SIM cards work while others do not. I’m not sure why and I have no recourse because this watch is not IDA-approved.

  5. Hi Chester

    I also bought from GearBest and tried using a M1 prepaid card but i cannot get pass the Add device screen in the IOS Apps. It just said “watch not exist”. Not sure if its the SIM card issue in such a case. Any insights ? Tks

    1. The registration of the device on the app is separate from the SIM card mobile network registration. Which number did you enter on the add device screen? Anyway, did your M1 prepaid card work with the watch?

  6. First of all, “Add devices now” from the Android version fails if a scan is attempted from the main screen. If I swipe sideways I get a “Manage” and “Add” menu item where scan will work.

    However, every scan of the bar code inside the watch, now printed on a piece of paper to make this easier, results in “Add device failed!”

    The sim works fine in a phone (Hong Kong, PCCW)

  7. Hi the time displayed on the watch is incorrect – how does one change it? Everything else works but the time initially is correct when it is switched on and then goes 6 hrs ahead.

    1. The time is automatically set based once the watch is connected to the GSM network. There is no way to manually set the date and time. You might want to contact support at where you purchase the product from.

  8. Great review! It really sucks that nobody makes a 3G model of a watch yet. Many places are discontinuing GSM/2G networks including Canada by the end of 2017 rendering this watch useless. I hope they will make a 3G version soon.

  9. Excellent review. My Upro P5 arrived today after 3 weeks via standard delivery. However, its GPS accuracy is unstable and only around 1-2 kilometer at best. Back to searching a good reliable GPS tracker with a good GPS accuracy for my toddler again. Did you have any issues with its GPS accuracy?

    1. Hi Joanne, glad to hear from your feedback. Yes the GPS is not very accurate, merely a gauge. For my UPro, the accuracy is around 500m. I’m sure it should work fine outdoors.

      1. Ooh I tot it does…. The FAQ section, it said it does.
        Sigh… Wish Spore can develop a product that can be used for 4g soon.

  10. Hello,

    I have this Upro P5.
    I loaded the app, but I get stuck in the device password to pair the watch with my phone. I id scan the watch device number but is the password that I cannot get to work. What password I should look for?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Gabriel. As far as I recall, there is no password required when entering the watch serial number to pair with the app. You only need password to create an account.

  11. Hi,
    do you have a recommendation for GPS tracker watch for 3G / 4G network for Singapore?
    how to see if the watch can support 3G / 4G network?

    Thank you.

    1. There isn’t any GPS tracker watch available for sale in Singapore that I can recommend. It’s a product segment that has left a huge gap for years. The closest product with network connectivity is the Samsung Gear S3 LTE models, but not yet available in Singapore, and that product does not have a tracking app, as the GPS is more for logging the running route and other navigation features.

  12. Hi Chester,
    I brought this watch for my daughter but I can’t change the time or link it with her phone, also nothing comes up when I search for it on her phone, I just want to set it up for her to use but I can’t so any help would be appreciated
    Thank you

    1. Hi Melissa. This watch does not link to any phone. It requires a 2G SIM card to be inserted into the back. Once inserted, the watch will sync the time from the network. I have advise you that by April 2017, all telcos will stop supporting 2G network as mandated by IMDA. This watch will not work once that happens. Also, most telcos now also stop issuing SIM cards that support 2G networks, while older SIM cards still work.

  13. hi Chester,
    i also bought the same watch, but i lost my password, so i can not sign into the watch. how can i get my lost password ?


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