I have been looking for a Quick Charge power bank for a while because of its ability to charge compatible devices really fast on-the-go. Over the months, I have a handful of QC 2.0 and 3.0-compatible devices, like ASUS Zenfone 2, Zenfone Zoom, LG G5, and my wife’s Samsung Galaxy Note 5. So far, all the QC-compatible power banks sold in Singapore are above S$60. I have also been checking out AliExpress but the reputable brands are not cheap, and I’m not taking any chance on dubious brands.

Once again, GearBest did not disappoint. I found this EasyAcc Power Bank with 10000 mAh capacity and 2 output USB ports. More importantly, this model is certified to support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, the newer and faster charging spec (click here for certification). EasyAcc (Facebook page) has been manufacturing electronic products and accessories since 2008, so it’s not a fly-by-night company.

EasyAcc QC 3.0 Power Bank

The price? US$23.25 as of today. After redeeming in-store points and ShopBack cashback, I paid less than S$25 including registered shipping, and arrived within 3 weeks. That is really cheap, considering a Xiaomi 10000mAh Power Bank is sold for S$19 and does not feature the latest QC 3.0.

Compare Power Bank of EasyAcc, ASUS, Xiaomi 10000mAh

10000 mAh is sufficient for most users for a day, as it offers over 2x charge cycles for Android smartphones. If you are an extremely heavy user who needs large battery for charging your devices daily, you could go for higher capacity, but I would not buy large-size power banks just because of laziness to charge. First of all, the power bank would be heavy. Second, it would take very long to fully charge, and that would lengthen the down time of being able to use the power bank. Finally, you will lose track of the number of remaining charge cycles a large power bank contains, and might end up with flat battery pack.

Did the EasyAcc power bank charge as fast as claimed with QC 3.0? Yes it does. The only device I have that is QC 3.0 compatible is LG G5. From 17%, it took 64 minutes to reach 90%.

EasyAcc QC 3.0 Power Bank charge graph

After charging the LG G5 (2600mAh) for 2 cycles, the EasyAcc power bank has 2 bars (25-50%) remaining. I reckon the power bank should be able to charge the G5 for another half battery capacity, and that falls within the 10000 mAh capacity. Charging up the Power Bank using 2A charger takes about 5 hours, which is also within the expectations.


Based on my laborious research over the months, this EasyAcc Power Bank is the best value-for-money that supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0. I am excited to share my experience here with you so that you readers too can benefit from my findings. (This is not a sponsored post, you can visit GearBest via direct link without embedded affiliate code.)



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