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Have you already made your purchases on some of the products I recommended from GearBest, like the UPro P5 Children GPS Tracker Watch or the AiWatch GT08+ Smartwatch or the EasyCast OTA dongle? If you haven’t and are going to, then here is a piece of fabulous news to help you save even more money.

A few months ago, I got to know about ShopBack when StarHub was promoting it with the StarHub Rewards Points tie-up. I signed up but the initial list of merchants did not entice me to make any purchase through the site.

300 and Growing

When ShopBack recently emailed me to request for a feature, I took another look at the merchant list, and my has it grown exponentially! Other than the popular fashion sites like ASOS and Zalora, there are also electronic stores like AliExpress, GearBest, Taobao. I can also find, ExpediaLazada, FoodPanda, FaveOver 300 stores and counting!

Basically, if you are doing any online shopping, you should STOP NOW, go to ShopBack to look through the list of stores. If you find your store in there, congratulations, you are guaranteed to have earned some cash upon checkout. Don’t make the same mistake as I, who had spent a tidy sum on AliExpress and GearBest without going through ShopBack.

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Over US$20 purchase on this screen, I could have received a cashback of S$2 if I had used ShopBack.

ShopBack was recently featured on The Straits Times (Page B7, 30 Sep 2015), and had won the SITF Best Startup (Growth Stage) Gold and Best Innovative Technology Product (Consumer) Silver 2015.

How do You Actually Earn Money?

ShopBack has set up a relationship with these online merchants and whenever you make a purchase through ShopBack redirect link, ShopBack earns a commission, which ShopBack gladly shares with you. After 60 days of earning the cashback, you can easily encash via PayPal or local bank transfer.

With ShopBack, you effectively earn cash rebates just like what credit cards like POSB Everyday Card or UOB One Card do for your purchases. Besides, you also earn bonus cash by referring friends!

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Don’t envy my bonuses. Just refer friends (S$5 after they purchase) or be referred by friends (S$5), and make first purchase (S$5).

Shop Within Same Web Session

To ensure no hiccups on your cashback, you should complete your shopping within the same web session. If your shopping habit traverse across multiple devices and over many days, ShopBack might not be able to pick up your purchase and you might not earn your cashback. Also, you need to enable website cookies so that ShopBack can track the transaction. I did not experiment what works or what doesn’t. It would be too time consuming, not to mention costly, to test the system.

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What I did was to add my items to a wishlist or favourites (if the merchant site supports). Then when I was ready, I log in to ShopBack, click the “Shop Now” button to redirect the merchant store, go to the wishlist or favourites page, add my items to the shopping cart and checkout.

Within 2 days, I received confirmation of the cashback I earned from the purchase!

ShopBack screenshot

Verdict: The Best Online Shopping Reward

It makes perfect sense to shop via ShopBack. There is no subscription fee (unlike credit cards), and I get rewarded with cash when I spend. ShopBack offers some of the best coupons and promo codes available to let you save on your purchases. For me, I am totally attracted to the latest electronics and IT deals, and the attractive cashback offers. Plus, there is also cash rewards for referring friends who successfully spend at least S$25.

End of the day, since I am already shopping on those sites, I might as well go through ShopBack to let me earn some cashback!

Questions? Drop a comment and I’ll try to answer them.

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ShopBack is the Best and Easiest Online Shopping Reward Program
ShopBack gave me cashback by shopping at my favourite online store. I also get rewarded for referrals. Anyone who shops online should use ShopBack to get cash back from purchases. It's no hassle!


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