Tronsmart Element Splash IP67 Waterproof Wireless Speaker review by

The Lazada 9.9 Sale is taking place from 6 – 9 September. Needless to say, there will be thousands of items going on sale. It also coincides with COMEX 2018 so everyone is in the mood for shopping, I’m sure. Other than discounts up to 90% and crazy flash sales, Lazada is also giving away vouchers when you participate in the in-app games. Most importantly, there will be 99 Surprise Boxes up for grabs at $29 and $49.

Lazada X Tronsmart Electronics Accessories Surprise Box by Rareus - 9.9 Sale 2018

In this post, I shall partial reveal the Lazada X Tronsmart Electronics Accessories Surprise Box by Rareus. Rareus is a local company that distributes brands like Anker, Incipio, Razer, Spigen. For this surprise box, Rareus is throwing in Tronsmart electronics accessories. Frequent online shoppers for accessories should be familiar with Tronsmart, a China brand. I recall my first Tronsmart product I bought was a power bank.

Lazada X Tronsmart Electronics Accessories Surprise Box by Rareus - 9.9 Sale 2018

Disclaimer: Lazada sent me this surprise box with compliments in exchange for this article. The items may differ from the Surprise Box purchased from Lazada during the 9.9 sale. All links to Lazada website from this page and subsequent successful sale will earn me a small affiliate commission to support my blog work. Lazada does not pay me for this post.

How Many Items Are There In the Lazada X Rareus Surprise Box?

There are 3 items, with retail prices worth S$100. Street price is definitely lower than S$100, but certainly higher than S$29.

What Are The Items?

Let’s start from the highest value item: Tronsmart Element Splash IP67 Waterproof Wireless Speaker. Valued at S$59.90, this portable speaker is IP67 rated, so you can use it in any outdoor activity, in rain or on sand. It also works as a speakerphone when paired to your smartphone.

Tronsmart Element Splash IP67 Waterproof Wireless Speaker

The speaker is covered with silicone coating, while the grille feels like plastic with also matt coating.

Tronsmart Element Splash IP67 Waterproof Wireless Speaker review by

Large buttons on the top allows user to control playback and volume.

Tronsmart Element Splash IP67 Waterproof Wireless Speaker review by

The micro USB port is located at the bottom, protected with a rubber cap.

Tronsmart Element Splash IP67 Waterproof Wireless Speaker review by

The audio quality is tuned for clarity and sparkling hi-fi sound that is bound to impress listeners. The bass level is also adequate at close proximity, but does not resonate as extensively as multi-driver speakers. The sparkling treble might be overbearing for modern tracks that are already heavy at the high frequencies.

Tronsmart Element Splash IP67 Waterproof Wireless Speaker audio rating by

If this does not interest you, then how about the second item: Tronsmart Qualcomm QuickCharge 3.0 Wall Charger? Valued at S$29.90, it comes with 2 charging ports: USB Type-A and Type-C. With more smartphones supporting QuickCharge standard, this charger will improve the charging speed tremendously compared to normal USB speeds. I highly recommend buying a branded wall charger to prevent any overcharge incidents resulting in electrical fires.

Tronsmart Type-C QC 3.0 Wall Charger

I cannot reveal the last item, but see if you can guess from the photos what it is. Hint: this item works with both of the products mentioned above! Another hint: every smartphone owner will find this extremely useful.

Is it Worth Paying S$29?

If you buy similar products from different brands, you could get it cheaper than S$100. Having said that, the price of the surprise box is S$29, and the items in this surprise box is definitely worth more than S$29. Plus, the products are backed by the Tronsmart brand of quality, unlike other OEMs. So, if you find the products of use to you, this is a good buy.

If you are one of the frequent scalpers of Surprise Box and find this box not worth, that’s fine. By not participating in the rush, you allow other shoppers an opportunity to buy this item.

Lazada X Tronsmart Electronics Accessories Surprise Box by Rareus - 9.9 Sale 2018

Are You Ready to Shop?

I am a frequent Lazada shopper, because I have found their products to be of competitive prices, even when compared to AliExpress and Taobao. It is also better than Shopee, Qoo10, to name a few. While I am not pleased that they changed the free shipping from door-to-door to collection centre, I guess I have to accept that nothing in life can be free forever. It does make the LiveUp programme more attractive. Pay S$28.80 to enjoy priority shipping and free delivery.

The Lazada X Rareus Surprise Box goes on sale at 6 Sep 11am! Start shopping at Lazada by clicking my affiliate link here.

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Lazada 9.9 Sale: Tronsmart Electronics Accessories Surprise Box
Lazada 9.9 Sale happens from 6-9 Sep 2018. The Tronsmart Surprise Box is unveiled in this post. Read on to find out what you can receive for S$29.

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