SilverStone CPU01 reversible USB cable

SilverStone CPU01 CPU02 CPU03 USB cables

If you are familiar with the brand SilverStone, then you must be someone who assembles your own desktop. Founded in 2003 Taiwan by former employees of Cooler Master, SilverStone Technology specialises in computer hardware and peripherals like computer chassis, power supply units (PSU), computer fans and coolers, as well as accessories. And their massive product list includes three types of USB cables for mobile phones, tablets, cameras, and any USB devices that made our lives better.

CPU01 – Reversible USB to Reversible Micro USB

CPU01 is a reversible USB to reversible micro USB cable. With this cable, you will never face a problem inserting the cable into your device the wrong way, or damage your USB ports.  The micro USB connector is rather tight and needs to push into the device port harder.

SilverStone CPU01 USB cable

CPU02 – Combo USB to Reversible Micro USB

CPU02 is a 2-in-1 cable, with a USB-A plus micro USB combo convertible port on one end, and a reversible micro USB port on the other.

SilverStone CPU02 USB cable

With this cable, there is no need for me to carry a separate OTG adaptor (female USB to micro USB), which is used either for data transfer between 2 micro USB devices or for charging (like Zenfone Max and Leagoo Shark 1). You must plug the 2-in-1 connector to the power source and the reversible micro USB to the charging device.

SilverStone CPU02 OTG USB cable

CPU03 – Reversible USB to Lightning Cable

CPU03 is a reversible USB to Lightning cable. It’s better than the original because even the USB connector is reversible, so you have no worries about getting the cable inserted right. More importantly, CPU03 is Apple MFi-certified.

SilverStone CPU01 CPU03 reversible USB cable

All the cables come in 1 metre length and nylon braided, which I love for its durability and no sticky feel. The connector housing is aluminum for added strength. They all support high speed charging up to 2A.

SilverStone CPU01 CPU03 reversible USB cable

Availability and Price

All 3 cables come in Gold, Silver, and Charcoal colour choices. Additionally, CPU03 has Rose Gold to match your pretty iPhones. CPU01 and CPU02 retails at S$15 each, while CPU03 is going for S$18. All products come with 1 year warranty by AverTek, office at 25 Kallang Avenue #03-03.

For more SilverStone products, visit their official website,

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