If you have bought a Samsung electronic product, like a smartphone or a tablet or a TV, you might have been given some free accessories, like a smartphone desktop stand, a Bluetooth keyboard, or wireless speaker. What you might not know is that these free accessories are actually pretty decent in build quality and functionality.

I have already shared the smartphone desktop charging dock previously, an old accessory bundled with Samsung Galaxy S3, S4 and still works with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and probably S6.

When I bought the Samsung Galaxy Note PRO a while back, it came with a Bluetooth keyboard. To my surprise, the keyboard quality is comparable to the pricier likes of Belkin and Logitech. The body is made possibly of metal and has a premium weight to it. Yet, this very keyboard is being sold at the online marketplace for less than S$50, and as low as S$25. If you are looking for cheap but quality Bluetooth keyboard, get this Samsung Bluetooth keyboard, best bang for the buck.

Last week, a friend passed me a Samsung audio accessory for review. It’s the Wireless Speaker SB330, which subsequently rebranded as Level Box. This speaker retails at more than S$200.

Its body is entirely metal-encased with the base generously laden with rubber. Connecting to Bluetooth devices is simple with NFC. The speaker produces warm tone with recessed upper frequency, making soundtracks that are heavy on the highs sound pleasant. The weakness of this speaker is when playing at low volume, the speaker sounds muffled. So to deliver full potential, you must turn up the volume. I did a comparison with the S$99 Logitech X300 which has similar sound signature, and find that the SB330 loses in loudness but wins in design and battery life. Also, the SB330 does not have the loudness limiter effect at high volume like X300.

If you enjoy music without sounding harsh at the highs, and love a good-looking premium-built speaker, you can put your dollar on a bargain unit of the Samsung SB330, if you can find one at that price. If you have a budget of $299, I only have one recommendation: Bose SoundLink Mini.


Dimensions: 164.3 (W) x 69.2 (H) x 62.3 (D) mm
Weight: 600g
Battery playback time: 15 hours
Battery charging time: 2.5 hours
Connection: Bluetooth (aptX), NFC
Speakerphone: Yes


– Build quality and design
– Warm sound with sufficient treble and bass for non-intrusive music


– Need to turn up the volume to improve clarity
– Speaker not loud enough for impact

Reviewed by Chester Tan https://musicphotolife.com/
Rating: 3.4 of 5

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