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Meet Cheapling

Cheapling is a cheapo. And she only shops at The 199 Shop. No, it’s not THE 1.99 Shop that closed down years ago. Too bad for that shop, because look at how Daiso prospers with its “Everything for $2” slogan. So this 199 Shop does … continue

CNY Goodies: Pine Garden Pineapple Tart

I seldom blog about food, but this deserves an exception. Pine Garden’s pineapple tart is simply delicious. I’ve eaten many kinds of tarts, and I’m generally not a picky eater. To me, anything tastes fine, and people who knows me will know that I do … continue

Bustling Online Business

More and more and people around me are involved in online business. A colleague just opened a second online shop. And I just completed a project to photo-catalogue clothes for DJV, a new online shop, with several enquiries in queue. More friends are blogging, not … continue

Indiana Jones

Today I caught Indiana Jones And the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in the cinemas. I can’t even remember the last time I watched the franchise movies, but with George Lucas and Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford, you just have to watch it, no matter … continue

Hurray for Pocoyo

Every parent with a toddler and who subscribes to StarHub Cable TV’s Playhouse Disney Channel will know who Pocoyo is. It’s an adorable digital animation in 6-minute episodes teaching children about values. The series is conceptualised by a Spain company, but the animation contains strong … continue

Diminishing Bundle of Joy

As the day goes by, the amount of joy derived from the bundle lessens. Her behaviour and her routine would change every few weeks. Previously, I have been putting her to sleep in my arms with ease. But this week, she appears to yearn more … continue

Silent Nights No More

For the past weeks, putting Mayenne to sleep has been an onerous task. We usually coax her to sleep on our arms, but when we transferred her to the bed, the first thing she always does is to turn to her tummy and starts to … continue

Sleeping Seems To Be The Hardest Time

It’s so hard to put Mayenne to bed, which is such an irony because she could nap at the oddest or noisiest places but not at the comfort of her own cosy bed. She would toss and turn and make noises. She seems to want … continue

Commercial In Disguise

I was watching this music video and halfway through I felt something strange. I noticed that the MV focused a lot on the female lead’s silky hair. Then I saw some product placement shots, and eventually I realised that this is not just a MV, … continue

Quiet, Don’t Tell Her the MP3s are here

I’ve been doing so much photo taking and editing that I have not touched on my music side of me for the past month, so I decided to arrange 2 pop songs. “Quiet” 安静 by Jay Chou, is a favourite song to many many people … continue

Car Servicing: Episode 1000km

Wow, the car has covered 1000km on wheels in just about a month. So today I took half a day and sent the car for a free servicing. I have prepared a list of complaints hoping that the service advisor (SA) can do something. Well, … continue

A Car Owner’s Wishful Thinking

Being a first-time car owner, I finally appreciate all the fuss that my parents used to go through in the morning while at the car. I remember my parents carrying a bottle of water to wet the car and to wipe clean before leaving the … continue

Rowan Atkinson Live… and Kicking Funny

I enjoyed this clip a lot, and I really mean a lot. I probably have watched it more than 10 times. Each time, I look at how Rowan executes this skit. You have to agree: comedic acts are far more difficult than serious acting. Because, … continue

Testing Testing Testing (T3) F50fd

I am invited to be a guest blogger on the T3 Magazine Website. Last Monday I went to their office and borrowed the Fujifilm F50fd, which is of interest to me because I owned a F31fd. So how does F50fd actually fare? I posted the … continue


My parents have always owned a car since I was very little, so family outings are always a breeze. But for all my other social and academic-related activities, I take public transport. So in a way, I am very familiar with car use, minus the … continue

Funny, Sia!

An extremely funny clip that I saw on Jack Neo’s blog. It was passed to him by a Malaysian director who is also into comedy productions. Some of the clip excerpts need some level of “de-intellect” to understand, so for those who don’t get it, … continue

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