Do you face the following problems on your Samsung Galaxy S? If yes, then these are some simple fixes so that you do not have to waste time rebooting the phone:

Problem: sometimes, the phone notification or ringtone is played through the ear speaker rather than through the back speakers.
Solution: make a call to anyone, e.g. voice mail. Select “Speaker” mode. Then hang up. Thereafter, audio will revert to the back speakers.

Problem: sometimes, apps that require data connection cannot connect online, and therefore all live feeds stopped. This happened to me on Whatsapp.
Solution: turn on “Airplane” mode. Wait a while, then deactivate “Airplane” mode. Soon, apps will start to receive data feeds.

Problem: When turning on Wifi, it hits error, or hangs. Pressing “Wifi” checkbox a few times might get it working, or it might return the same error again.
Solution: turn on “Airplane” mode. Wait a while, then deactivate “Airplane” mode. After a while, the “Wifi” option will be available for you to try turning on again. Note: sometimes I find this method does not work consistently. But I would try again after a while and it would work.

If you never face the above problems, good on you. If you do, this is how I get the phone running again without rebooting.

My phone firmware:
– Froyo (Android 2.2 I9000DXJPB)
– SpeedMod kernel K13E

For the record, as of 26 April 11.30pm, my phone has been running continuously without rebooting for more than 8 days 13 hours.

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