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A Church Wedding Photo Journal

My Saturday clockwork routine had a break when I received an invitation to attend a church wedding from a ballet student whom I played for many many years ago when she was a teenager. We kept in touch over Facebook because her birthday is 2 … continue

The Seed Of Love

For my latest photostory, Ashlyn approached me months before her big wedding day. Tapping my specialisation in photostory, she requested me to create a video that will express her appreciation to the man that she loves. The photo session took place in December 2009, and … continue

Anna L: Portfolio

After the previous outdoor casual shoot, Anna and I did a studio session at my house. Every model must have a few of such photos in their portfolio when going for casting. And there should be minimal photoshopping (save to remove pimples or eye bags), … continue

Wedding Moments – My Final 2

My final 2 wedding assignments are at both extremes of challenges. One is absolutely tiring – a 12-hour Day 1 and 5-hour Day 2 shoot – and the other totally relaxing – a 5-hour church wedding shot with 3 other photographer friends. Jon is my … continue

Wedding Moments – November

Tsui Ping attended Racheal’s wedding and saw me doing her wedding photography, so she decided to ask me to help out in her dinner banquet. She already engaged Gabriel Mendes as her photographer, but needed another photographer for the banquet. There were 80 tables and … continue

Leaving for Hokkaido

My sister’s wedding lunch is a 12-table affair at the Fullerton Hotel. Great opportunity for the wedding couple to spend more time with the guests, which was the exact intention. Here are some of my favourite moments: More images can be found in my Flickr … continue

Douglas and Racheal: Wedding Day 9 Oct 2008

Racheal is my office colleague and I am privileged to be chosen to capture her wedding day moments. Her husband, Douglas, is a charming gentleman. During the wedding banquet speech, he described how the first time he met her and he thought to himself: she … continue

Congratulations, Sis!

28 Sep was my sister’s big wedding day. It has been a long wait for our family, and for our extended family. The last wedding the family clan had was in Nov 2001 – mine. As my dad commented, marrying off a daughter is a … continue

Photo Montage – Kevin and Fynn

This is the express photo montage I did for the wedding couple on Sunday. I knew Fynn during Iris’ wedding in Oct 2006. She and I stayed over at Iris’ JB home to receive the groom the next day, so we had a memorable time. … continue

Images waiting to be processed

December is an overwhelming month for me. Lots of photography assignments, thousands of photos waiting to be processed. And it’s only the 10th day. Quite a horrible feeling leaving the untouched photos alone, even for a day. Every time I finish my shoot, I would … continue

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