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Best Travel Camera: Sony RX100 IV Review

3 years ago, I reviewed the first-generation Sony RX100, an amazing compact camera with outstanding performance. This year, Sony released its 4th-generation RX100, Mark 4. I requested Sony Singapore to lend me a unit so that I could review during the eventful holiday season. Features … continue

Introducing Rating Graph for Audio Reviews

I am introducing an audio review rating graph to my audio product reviews so that readers can visualise the perceived quality of the products across the frequency bands. Currently, the overall product rating I provided might not reflect the differing audio quality across the frequency … continue

Guest Blog: Singapore and Malaysia Chinese

I have invited a guest blogger to share this article. Iris was an active blogger with a large following and she shares her life experience. It was through that blog that I got to know her, and privileged to be her wedding day photographer. She closed … continue

Tips For Night Lighting Shoot

Samsung NX1000, 16mm, F2.4, 1/30s, ISO 800 With year end comes Christmas lightings, and one of the ways to capture the Christmas spirit – literally – is to roam the shopping belt of Orchard Road where the decoration lights glisten. If you carry a consumer … continue

Emma and Kate: Newborn Photos

Last week, I visited a friend who just gave birth to twins, to pass her an old pen tablet so that she could use it for freehand graphic design. I brought my Samsung NX200 with me and asked if I could take some photos of … continue

Guide to Twitter for My Friends

Some of my friends recently got interested in Twitter, so I decide to do this post to get them started. What’s Twitter for? Twitter is a platform where users post messages called “tweets”, and followers receive these tweets. Why do that? Twitter allows you to … continue

Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera System

Last Saturday, I was invited by Samsung to conduct a workshop at Courts Megastore (Tampines).Over the next few weeks, I will publish excerpts of the workshop materials in this blog. Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Camera System: Do We Really Need Another New Format? Photography, as we … continue

Stage Dance Photography for Joo Chiat CC

Earlier this month I photographed a dance show for Joo Chiat CC Dance Classes, and they cover a wide range of dance genre, from classical ballet to modern dance, and tap syllabi. If you do take up any stage performance assignment, here are some points … continue

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