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Targus CityLite II Backpack: Review

I have never officially reviewed backpacks before, but I personally carry a backpack to work. I recall when I dumped my briefcase for a backpack, my wife asked if it looked too casual. Today, I believe it has become a norm to see office execs … continue

Jessica’s Jewels

Diamonds and pearls are a woman’s best friends, aren’t they. Model: JessicaMake-up: Lynnie, who was ill on the day of the shoot, so Jessica did the make-up at her house and travelled to the studio. We would so appreciate her presence at the studio to … continue

Marina Barrage: Take 2

Exactly 7 days after June’s shoot, I brought Samantha back to the Marina Barrage for another shoot. Not that I love that place, just that because it’s near my wife’s office. Come to think about it, despite my second visit, I have actually not explored … continue

Another Fashion Shoot with June Low

Doing photo stories is still my primary passion, but fashion photography is something that I’ve always desired to endeavour. A good fashion photograph has all the fashion elements: the outfit, the hair, the make-up, the location, the sets. Photography only comes after all these, and … continue

Grace P

A fashion shoot was planned with a model weeks in advance. And we were counting down to the actual shoot day. But days before the shoot, there were signs that indicate that the shoot might not proceed as planned. First, she was busy with both … continue

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