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Ballet Pianist – Again (2010)

I’m still receiving blog comments from my ballet pianist posts 2 years back, so I decided to blog again. The search for ballet pianist has begun again after our other regular pianist who has played for 2 years is going to study music in Melbourne … continue

Dance Photos: Movement. Libre.

8th March is International Women’s Day. So I dedicate this post to celebrate the beauty of women, by capturing them in dance. There was a recent newspaper article about the gaining popularity of Lomographers in Singapore. Lomographers are basically photographers using lomo-effect cameras. Lomo cameras … continue

Stage Dance Photography for Joo Chiat CC

Earlier this month I photographed a dance show for Joo Chiat CC Dance Classes, and they cover a wide range of dance genre, from classical ballet to modern dance, and tap syllabi. If you do take up any stage performance assignment, here are some points … continue

Red Nano for the Red Dot

Today, the Straits Times (and probably many other national newspapers) features large prominent adverts on Red Nano, the new search engine created by SPH (Singapore Press Holdings) solely on the Singapore market. It makes sure that all the search results are localised to Singapore context. … continue

Ballet Pianist, Anyone – Again?

In Jan 2007, I wrote a post looking for ballet pianist. One year on, the situation remains the same. There are some positive responses since that post. I have had one pianist who had taken up and played for a few classes, before she decided … continue

Dances and Photos

One day, I hope to be able to shoot dance photos like this guy. All I need is time and opportunities. I always believed that great photos are captured simply because the photographer is THERE. So I envy people who are given the chance to … continue

Ballet Pianist, Anyone?

It’s hard to find a decent pianist that is willing to play for ballet classes. So far I have persuaded 3 persons to attend a session to see how ballet accompanists work. Only one took up the post, but he left 3 months later citing … continue

Weekend Ballet Class

I play piano for ballet classes every other Saturdays. It gives me a chance to exercise my music creativity because I am required to improvise in some parts of the day. And I feel I am getting back the inspiration I need to produce my … continue

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