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Emma and Kate: Newborn Photos

Last week, I visited a friend who just gave birth to twins, to pass her an old pen tablet so that she could use it for freehand graphic design. I brought my Samsung NX200 with me and asked if I could take some photos of … continue

Mayenne’s Birthday and House Parties

Dear Diary Blog, What happened over the past 7 days? Last Thursday, we took time off to celebrate Mayenne’s birthday at her nursery school, Growing Up Gifted. This photo reminded me of The Last Supper. A group photo. Lovely teachers. Mayenne is enjoying the classes … continue

Mayenne Revisited

On the third day of New Year, I spent some quality time with Mayenne. She has developed this routine where she would want me to play certain games with her, like the ball, the piano. And there are some routine that I am “banned”, like … continue

Mayenne: Animated

Haven’t blogged about Mayenne since her 2nd birthday. Photos do no justice to document her growth, so I’m sharing some video clips here. One of my most favourite clips, it shows how she attempts animatedly to read a storybook. An antic that till now we … continue

Happy 2nd Birthday Mayenne

I didn’t realise I haven’t been blogging for almost 2 weeks. I haven’t had a blog break so long for quite a long while. That’s because I was rather busy with the office move and planning for photoshoots. In this post, I’d like to share … continue

Back to Mayenne

The last time you’ve seen or heard of Mayenne from my blog is probably in August, so I shall pick up where I left off. She’s growing well, walking and running fine, toilet-trained. Still cannot communicate with words, but has a grasp of all the … continue

Baby’s Ill

The weekend was busy with a half-day photoshoot and the rest of the time with Baby. She was ill after the MMR vaccination on Thursday. Her temperature went on a roller-coaster ride, hovering around 37.5 degrees. Personally I don’t think that’s a concern because most … continue

D700 – Review in progress

I seldom – actually, never – reveal my works in progress online until I complete it. In this case, I cannot contain myself on the exhilaration of testing the Nikon D700. Although it’s been a few weeks late since it launched officially in Singapore on … continue

National Day 2008

Mayenne celebrates her second National Day. And the House of Leong does it the n-th time in the annual “Dress-in-Red” BBQ Gathering.

One Year

One year ago, I remembered going to Singapura Finance wanting to withdraw my matured fixed deposit amount, but was rejected because I went too late and the principal amount was already auto-committed for another year. If I were to terminate the account then, the penalty … continue

Mayenne’s Birthday Party – Number Two

We had another birthday party for Mayenne last Sunday. We invited Angie’s relatives plus a few colleagues and friends.In our previous party, my parents did all the decorations. This time around, we did everything by ourselves. Fortunately, there is a large common area at my … continue

Mayenne’s Birthday Party – Number One

Mayenne will have 2 official birthday parties. First one was held last Sunday, to coincide with her Lunar birthday. We started off the day with Mayenne soiling the entire bed, no thanks to her diapers who was so full that it could not contain the … continue

Hurray for Pocoyo

Every parent with a toddler and who subscribes to StarHub Cable TV’s Playhouse Disney Channel will know who Pocoyo is. It’s an adorable digital animation in 6-minute episodes teaching children about values. The series is conceptualised by a Spain company, but the animation contains strong … continue

Spam (10000)

One day I decided not to manually clear my Gmail spam folder and let it grow. Today, after about 30 days, it finally reached 10000. If I get $1 for every spam mail I am forced to read, I can quit my day job. Today … continue

Travel Back In Time With Photos

I was cleaning up my PC folders and found old photos I took in various occasions. Every shot brings back memories instantly. Digital photography has enabled us to view these photos without the fuss of digging out dusty physical albums stored in some forgotten corners … continue

Diminishing Bundle of Joy

As the day goes by, the amount of joy derived from the bundle lessens. Her behaviour and her routine would change every few weeks. Previously, I have been putting her to sleep in my arms with ease. But this week, she appears to yearn more … continue

Lessons From A Veteran

Today I received some tips from my uncle who used to run a photo studio and who was a professional photographer himself. He shared his thoughts about some of the photos I took and commented that I should not use dark backdrops to shoot baby … continue

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