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by Chester Tan


  • NTU Hall Five Quintsical Productions Music Director (1997-99), Choral Director (1996-99), Music Arranger (1996/97), Cast (1996/97, 1998/99)
  • NTU Hall Five Choir “Fivers’ Chorale” Conductor (1996/97), Choir Head and Conductor (1997/98)
  • Feb 1999: NUS CACS Jam and Jive – “Rubber Dollz” (3rd prize), “Non-Descript” (consolation)
  • Mar-Jul 1999 : StagePals “Shades of Love” Music Director


  • Jan: DramaBox Production of “Mr Beng” Sound Effects Director
  • Jul: Composed and arranged music for Bukit Panjang Sec. School ‘Pupils’ Creed’ and school anthem


  • Feb: Composed and arranged music for Woodlands Constituency Chinese New Year Dinner


  • 27 May: Music Director for “Put On Your Dancing Shoes”
  • May-Nov: Produced Bendemeer Secondary School 25th Anniversary Celebration “Les Miserables” full-length musical minus-one soundtrack
  • 7 Dec: Composed and arranged music for Metropolitan YMCA “Dance Fantasea”


  • Feb: Composed and arranged music for NTU Hall Five Quintsical Productions 02/03
  • Aug: Resident MIDI ringtone composer for Planet E-Village
  • Oct: Music License to FlipAlbum range of products


  • Jan: Composed and arranged music for NTU Hall Five Quintsical Productions 03/04
  • 31 Mar: Signed an exclusive Artiste Agreement with Rhythmiz Music Production under Gilbert Ong
  • Feb-Jul: Tanglin Secondary School production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, arranged full musical minus-one soundtrack.
  • Jun: Ballet Accompanist for The 8th Commonwealth Society of Teachers Dancing (CSTD) Singapore Summer School
  • Jun: Soundtrack album co-producer for Paya Lebar Methodist Girls’ School musical production, “The Father’s Hand”. Arranged song accompaniment, engineered, mixed and mastered CD tracks.
  • 25 Jun: Keyboards and backing vocals for Van Fan Yi Chen guest performance at “Gen-Y” Charity Concert held at Singapore Expo
  • Aug: Wrote jingles commissioned for MediaCorp Radio Station, Capital 95.8FM
  • Sep: 2 music projects commissioned by Woodgrove Primary School
  • 13 Nov: His debut album, Timeless, launches islandwide at music stores in Singapore.


  • Feb: Writer Member of COMPASS
  • 10 May: Composed and arranged Piano Spa for Music Street.
  • Nov: Capital Radio 95.8FM releases Mandarin pop classics album. Arranged and mixed.
  • Nov: Arrangement for Punggol Secondary School anthem.


  • 25 Jan: Piano Spa album launches in Japan.
  • 15 May: Piano Spa album releases in Korea.
  • 11 Jun: “Victorian Days” the musical premieres at the Esplanade Recital Studio. Written by Stella Kon, music and arrangement by Chester.
  • 28 Jul: Piano Spa 2 releases in Singapore, distributed by Warner Music.


  • 26 Jan: Piano Spa 3 Bliss album releases in Singapore, distributed by Warner Music.
  • Mar: Chester is a writer under Avex Taiwan Inc.
  • Jul: “Little Girl”, CD single by local songwriter-singer and radio deejay, Kevin Wong Dejiang, featuring Chester on piano
  • 6 Dec: Rock On Piano album releases in Singapore, distributed by Warner Music.


  • Apr: Piano Spa 4 album releases in Singapore, distributed by Warner Music.


  • Jul: Chester is awarded “COMPASS Young Songwriter of the Year” and “Top Local Instrumental Contemporary” at the 16th Annual COMPASS Awards.
  • Dec: Piano Spa 6 album releases in Singapore, distributed by Warner Music. Co-produced by chart-topping music producer, Tat Tong of WAPEA

  • Jul: Chester is awarded “Top Local Instrumental Contemporary” at the 17th Annual COMPASS Awards.

  • Sep: Chester is awarded “Top Local Instrumental Contemporary” at the 18th Annual COMPASS Awards.

  • Sep: Chester is awarded “Top Local Instrumental Contemporary” at the 19th Annual COMPASS Awards.
  • Dec: Piano Spa 7 album releases in digital and CD format, distributed by Warner Music. Co-composed by local singer-songwriter Bevlyn Khoo.


  • Sep: Released piano single, “A New Sparkle“, on digital platform (Spotify, YouTube, TIDAL, Apple Music, etc.).


  • Sep: Released instrumental single, “Dreamy Garden“, on digital platforms.

Interview with the man behind Piano Spa – Chester Tan

Interview by Janet Chew, talent advocate, Pepperconn

When Chester signed up as a talent, I was intrigued to see his profile. Of the shallow end that piqued my curiosity, I admit it was his name that did it. After 3 decades( ok, more than 3 decades but who’s counting ?) , he is the first guy i know with this interesting name.
But what prompted me to go deeper was the mention of his piano music CD albums.I used to play the piano too but it was more of a torturous affair, as I recounted the hours bent over the piano while other kids were probably watching their favourite TV programs. Throw in hungry mosquitoes and humid weather and you’ll find a very unwilling child pounding away on the keys.
Well obviously that did not happen to Chester. Not only did this talented music composer cut one album… he did 4 series under Warner Music!

Read on to find out what makes this multi-talented life blogger, photographer and music composer tick.

Describe yourself in one sentence
I’m a family man with a passion for music, photography and gadgets, reaching out to the world via the web to inspire and be inspired.

When did you start an affinity with blogging?
I created my first web page in 1997. Shortly after I registered my own domain name, chestertan.com, in 2003, I started to run a CMS portal, mostly posting reviews on gadgets and technology. In those days, we don’t associate that with blogging, but really, it’s no different from blogging, except the tone of the article (blogging is more casual while a gadget review site is more formal and structured). In November 2006, I decided to start a “real” blog, and thus “Music.Photo.Life” is born.

What are the key topics that draw the attention of your blog readers?
My CMS portal received lots of interest from visitors who wanted to read real views from real users, not advertisers or big-name sites who typically downplay the negatives. The reviews that I posted were of personal interest to me, and I do not dwell into the technical analysis, but rather on the usability and personal experience.
With my “real” blog, I find that I am getting readers who are interested with my creative works, namely, music composition and photography. And for family and friends, they learn more about my life  and my thought process.

What is your niche? What forms the bulk of your readers?
I use the blog to share my life, my experiences, and my creative works. That’s why I call it “Music.Photo.Life”. My regular readers are those who are interested in the above.

Gadgets : Functionality over aesthetics ?
I give more emphasis to functionality, but aesthetics cannot be entirely ignored. Take for instance, I took almost a week to choose the colour for my Nokia E72. I chose it for functionality, but I procrastinate over aesthetics.

In your opinion, language proficiency versus content, which is more pertinent?
Being proficient in language means you can express yourself better and can write in a style that defines you. But ultimately, it’s the content that attracts readership.

What are your best writing experiences so far?
I had fun writing for T3 Magazine Singapore for a couple of years as a guest contributor. I get to try out latest gadgets.

Is blogger’s block ever in your dictionary?
Certainly, but I try not to force myself to write if I have nothing to write. So far, I post an average of 3 articles a month, and I tweet much more often than I blog these days.

What’s the driving factor behind your articles? Readership or self satisfaction?
I would have to say readership. When I write, I make sure that the information will benefit the readers or fit the type of readers that my blog targets.

Do you see yourself writing for a charitable cause? Why?
Yes I will, if I believe in the cause and want to be associated with it.

Any encounter with a weird or absolutely rude and abhorrent reader?
Not that I recall. Guess that’s because I seldom blog about controversial topics.

What is the best kept secret about yourself that you have yet to let on?
It’s so well-kept that even I myself do not know. :P

The day I stop writing would be ……..
… the day I lose the ability to communicate in writing.

Why photo-stories? Where do you draw inspiration from?
Photo stories are my favourite style of expressing my visual creative works to people. And my creative works are really pieces of my life experiences. It doesn’t mean the stories or experiences happen to me, but it’s what I come to know of and how I interpret it.

What are your proudest works and why?
My CD album series, “Piano Spa”, by Warner Music. I have published 4 series totaling over 100 tracks of piano music. I’m proud of them because of all the stuffs I create, these reach out to the most people. Over 10 thousand copies have been sold.

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