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A Road Pile Up

This evening after work, I drove home via CTE as usual. Then I saw the traffic billboard warning on a road accident causing jam from Moulmein. After driving a distance, the second billboard shows that it happened at Lane 1 (the fastest lane) near Braddell … continue

Car Servicing: Episode 1000km

Wow, the car has covered 1000km on wheels in just about a month. So today I took half a day and sent the car for a free servicing. I have prepared a list of complaints hoping that the service advisor (SA) can do something. Well, … continue

A Car Owner’s Wishful Thinking

Being a first-time car owner, I finally appreciate all the fuss that my parents used to go through in the morning while at the car. I remember my parents carrying a bottle of water to wet the car and to wipe clean before leaving the … continue

Car Years

Funny, time seems to pass by slower when I own a car. My car is just reach 3 weeks old today but it felt like a long time. I’ve went past 800km on the odometer, and soon I can go for my free 1000km servicing. … continue

Every Road Leads to … Traffic Jams

I wanted to find the fastest way to get back home from the CBD. But after analysing the street directory, it seems impossible to find that perfect route. I reckon there are 10,000 other motorists who thinks like me, and they would have tried and … continue


My parents have always owned a car since I was very little, so family outings are always a breeze. But for all my other social and academic-related activities, I take public transport. So in a way, I am very familiar with car use, minus the … continue

New Responsibility

Yesterday, we celebrated Angie mum’s birthday at Marina Square. And Mayenne had her very first shopping outing after that. We walked for nearly 4 hours as we went to look for baby stuffs (what else). Mayenne was doing rather well, but even the best baby … continue

Sweet Lullaby Deal

Today went to Alpine Motor to pay for the balance of the car. Had a long chit chat with the sales guy, Dex. After the car prices went up this round, sales plummeted. He said the next round COE is expected to go even higher … continue


Today is an exciting day for many car-buyers. In the previous COE bid, the price for Cat A fell almost 50% to $8118. Car prices fell across the board, resulting in a sudden rush for the car purchases (myself included). I was told that one … continue


Nowadays I am quite consumed with things about cars, something that I never expect myself doing since I obtained a driving license. Cars, to me, are transportation tools. But ever since I decided to get a car, I had to research on car models, trying … continue

Month of the Hungry Salesmen

Today I received 3 calls from 3 separate car sales agents. First from Toyota, which I test-drove on 9 Aug. Second from Suzuki, which I test-drove last week. Third from Chevrolet, which I already booked. Coincidence? Well, it’s 3 days till the end of the … continue

My First Car

Our search ends here. This morning I signed for the purchase of my very first car, the Chevrolet Optra Magnum. The least-expected decision is a result of a latest market situation of a COE price drop, as I had been inclining to get the Nissan … continue

More Test Drive

Today is Singapore’s 42nd National Day, a public holiday, so I went for a few test drives at Ubi. My parents came over to my house at about 9am. We instructed Mum a few things before we left her alone with Mayenne and the rest … continue

More. Drive.

After I started searching actively for a car of my own, I began to notice so much more car-related stuffs. Like I spot a car on the road, when I walked across car parks, or when I was driving (my dad’s car) I’ll look at … continue

Test. Drive.

I never thought I would have to resort to this… I mean, getting a car of my own. I’m never an advocate for car ownership, even though I was brought up with a family car all along. Despite, I was trained to take public transport, … continue

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