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From today, Google Assistant will be available to Sonos One, Sonos Beam, and Sonos Move for Singapore consumers through a free software update. The first built-in voice assistant to have come to Singapore, Sonos will gradually support Alexa, and potentially allow home owners to choose different assistant for each individual speaker.

Sonos System

For people familiar with Google Home products and commands, the same set of capabilities is now extended to Sonos speakers. Apart from asking Google the usual stuff including controlling smart devices, users can interact with a list of Sonos system controls, like changing tracks, adjust volume, play music on various Sonos speakers, control TV for Sonos Beam, play content on the various streaming services. The list of features and actions will increase through ongoing updates.

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With that, existing Sonos owners would not need to purchase separate Google Nest Mini speakers and enojoy the convenience and interactivity through their Sonos speakers. But for existing Google Home and Nest owners, they too can interact with the Sonos speakers within the same home network.

Sonos is available in Singapore at and major retail outlets. Sonos is distributed exclusively in Singapore by TC Acoustic.

Roadshow from 8 to 17 November 2019

To educate consumers, Sonos will set up a pop-up experience at Millenia Walk to discover how Google Assistant works on Sonos. There will be workshops to show them how to build a great sound system and a smart home in their abodes as well as other tips and tricks to get the most out of their Sonos system.

The pop-up will be from 8 to 17 November (1030am to 930pm).  See details below.

Sonos Google Assistant pop-up event 8 to 17 November 2019

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