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When giga! mobile service provider asked me if I want to be their gigaSuperFan, I said YES! I got myself free subscription for the first month, but more importantly, I get to share my referral/promo code to readers who can also get free first month subscription. Win-win!

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If you sign up without referral…

You pay S$25 from the first month, and $2 delivery fee.

If you sign up with a normal referral code…

You enjoy S$10 discount on the first month, which means you pay S$15, and $2 delivery fee.

If you sign up using my gigaSuperFan referral code “CHESTER”

You get first month free! S$0 for 30 days! 25GB data, 1000 SMS, 1000 min voice, free rollover unused data for 1 month, free caller ID, free incoming calls, free incoming SMS, free from contract…

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The only thing you need to pay is a $2 delivery fee.


Are you waiting for something even better?

Please don’t. Here’s why.

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Limited to 25 Redemptions

Good things don’t last. The above promo code is only good for 25 referrals. As of now, I know 4 12 referrals have been taken up.

Awesome Mobile Number Range

The one very important thing about getting a mobile line is the number. If you sign up later, your choice numbers may already be taken up. Go download the app and then check out the number ranges before committing.

Ends 30 November 2019

Good things don’t last (I repeated that again). The special referral code will not work after 30 November, which means you will lose the ability to sign up a free mobile line. Don’t regret. Sign now. Try the service. Worst case, you can terminate before you get billed. No commitments.

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You can earn gigaBucks too

Every giga! subscriber also gets a referral code, and you too can enjoy rebates off your subscription. Every referral gets you $2 gigaBucks, which is used to offset your following month’s subscription, or other add-on services. 1 gigaBuck equals 1 Singapore dollar, and is valid for 2 bill cycles.

When you use my referral code “CHESTER”, you will also help me earn my own gigaBucks to offset my next month’s bill.

Action Point

OK, enuf said. Let’s get to it. Download the app on Android or iOS, and following the in-app steps to register, then enter promo code “CHESTER“, pay $2 for delivery fee, select delivery date and time, and enjoy 30-day FREE mobile service from giga!

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