The RHA T20 is an existing model that is quite popular, so instead of launching a new model, RHA re-packaged it into a more versatile offering, combining the best elements of wired in-ear headphones and high-performance Bluetooth technology. The result is the T20 Wireless, retailing at S$438.

RHA T20 Wireless review by Singapore headphones review site

Releasing a wireless version with interchangeable cables have an advantage: it allows the listener more ways to enjoy music. Wired or wireless, as well as after-market cable modifications with MMCX connectors. The T20 Wireless is for both audiophiles and casual listeners.

RHA T20 Wireless review by Singapore headphones review site

The driver housings are constructed using the metal injection moulding process, combining the durability of stainless steel with a natural contoured ear shape to achieve a comfortable fit. Like the original T20, the T20 Wireless comes with swappable tuning filters to suit individual listening preference, as well as a generous sets of silicone and Comply Foam ear tips.

RHA T20 Wireless review by Singapore headphones review site

The flexible silicone neckband is comfortable to wear and flexible enough to roll up and store in the included pouch. The built-in vibration motor alerts the wearer for incoming calls, while the battery depletes by 10% daily under active standby.

RHA T20 Wireless review by Singapore headphones review site

The DualCoil driver delivers better sound output compared to a standard dynamic driver because of an additional voice coil and custom diaphragm, achieving equal focus across the frequency resulting in power and depth. The driver is disciplined, making sound precise and snappy. With the default tuning filter, the T20 Wireless delivers clean balanced bass and elevated treble that favours instrumental genres. For mixes that focuses on vocals, it might sound a little pushy due to the frequency boost around the 4000 Hz range.

RHA T20 Wireless audio analysis by Singapore headphones review site

I recommend swapping to the bass filter to get more sub-bass oomph to even out the slightly pushy highs. Listeners can expect excellent details and spatial staging for an immersive musical experience. Midrange is slightly withdrawn for a cleaner and precise sound.


The RHA T20 Wireless is a comprehensive package that gives you flexibility in the way you want to enjoy your music – wired or wireless, more treble or more bass. It is more affordable than the RHA CL2 with similar usage benefits at half the price. The CL2 uses planar magnetic drivers which are technically more superior but it might be an overkill to port that around for on-the-go listen.

The RHA T20 Wireless retails at S$489, distributed by AV ONE, available at all good audio stores.

RHA T20 Wireless review by Singapore headphones review site

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