The newest GV Cineplex is located at Funan Level 5. It has 7 halls totalling 431 seats. They are not as huge as other malls, but is catered more to couples and younger crowds. There are only 2 regular halls but the seats are leatherette! And all halls use Barco Smart Laser Projection for excellent brightness and clarity.

GV Funan Regular Hall
Photo credit: GV

This GV outlet introduces yet another new seating concept: Deluxe Plus. The seats are similar to GEMINI and comes with spacious leatherette seats, lumbar cushioning, recline feature, and charging port. Ticket price is from S$17 (weekddays) to S$22 (weekends). The difference I think is the concept: Gemini is for couples while Deluxe Plus is for non-couples.

GV Funan Deluxe Plus

Also, GV Funan offers a cheaper Gold Class called Gold Class Express. While the seats are identical, the difference is in the service level: there are no call buttons inside the hall, and any food orders would have to be picked up from the grab & Gold cafe counter instead of being served. Movie-goers will receive disposable blankets. Ticket price is between S$26 (weekdays before 5pm) and S$39 (weekends).

GV Funan Gold Class Express

Besides movie watching, GV Funan also has 4 VR pods to play some interesting content, like Spider-man games, Beat Saber or short videos. Each session lasts for 15 minutes and priced at S$8 (weekdays) to S$12 (weekends). There are no fixed timings, just queue and play.

GV Funan VR

In Summary

GV Funan offers movie-goers a premium yet affordable cinema experience. The halls are not as big but being in the heart of the new Funan Mall, perhaps it will attract more off-peak lifestyle crowds who needed 2 hours to recharge in the middle of a hectic work day.

  • 2 Regular Halls;  one hall has 91 seats and the other has 78
  • 1 Gold Class Express Hall with 32 seats
  • 2 Deluxe Plus Halls; The Deluxe Plus (Duo) has 54 seats, while the Deluxe Plus (Single) has 40 seats
  • 2 Gemini Halls; each hall has 68 seats

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