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SXFI Amp Goes Wireless with Hagibis X2 Wireless Audio Adapter Bluetooth 5.0 aptX Receiver Transmitter

Hagibis Wireless Audio Adapter Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter review by musicphotolife.com, Singapore consumer tech gadget blogger

The Creative Super X-Fi Amp has been on sale in Singapore for over 2 months, and recently began sales in U.S. Due to its capabilities, many audio enthusiasts wonder if the holographic audio experience can be enjoyed over wireless audio. Then I found this useful audio accessory that seems to be quite useful not just for SXFI Amp, but for any audio products that has a 3.5mm stereo input or output jack.

SXFI Amp and Hagibis Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter

This Hagibis X2 Wireless Audio Adapter is the latest version among the Hagibis Bluetooth Receiver Transmitter series. They have released several versions prior but this is the latest with better specs.

Hagibis Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter Specs

Basically, it can transmit audio from any device through the 3.5mm output jack (like the SXFI Amp or an audio player), and can receive audio by plugging into any 3.5mm input jack (like headphones, Line-In of the car stereo). Toggle between receiver and transmitter mode via the small button. In receiver mode, LED light blinks in green, while in transmitter mode, LED light blinks in blue.

Hagibis Wireless Audio Adapter Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter review by musicphotolife.com, Singapore consumer tech gadget blogger

The receiver mode is good: it supports up to aptX HD so that audio turns out to be clear and detailed with no audio sync issues. I tested with the Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2 by plugging the Hagibis X2 in the 3.5mm port of the headphone, and it sounded just like using wired version. In this mode, it is also possible to control the playback from the device through the larger button on the Audio Adapter, as well as making voice calls, as the adapter has built-in microphone. Pairing is also similar to any Bluetooth device.

The transmitter mode is not that impressive. The audio that is transmitted from the Hagibis X2 has strong treble tuning and an unusually weak bass. There is also lag, so I cannot practice on my digital piano with this. The good thing is that it makes flat-sounding headphones sound clear and detailed, but if your headphones is already strong in treble, it will further brighten up. In this mode, I tested transmitting to the Plantronics BackBeat PRO 2, which has deep bass and bright treble, and the Hagibis X2 ruined the sound signature with weakened bass feel. On the other hand, when I paired to the Klipsch R5 Wireless earphones, which has a flat treble, the audio adapter improves the clarity. When I plugged the adapter into the SXFI Amp, I can enjoy good holographic audio staging on the Klipsch R5 wirelessly.

Hagibis Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter Specs

Pairing in the transmitter mode is quite simple: just put both devices in pairing mode and it will find each other to pair up. But I cannot determine whether it is also transmitting in aptX HD (I don’t think so). Another good feature is that the transmitter can send up to 2 audio devices at the same time.


I would not recommend the Hagibis X2 to audiophiles, but it’s a useful adapter to own. And it makes my SXFI Amp wireless! Buy from this affiliate link.

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