X-mini XTLAS+ Review: More Treble Than Bass

X-mini is a Singapore brand founded in 2006, and has been focused on mini-portable speakers, winning numerous awards. This year, X-mini expanded its product range to include 2 new audio product lines – X-mini Liberty XOUNDPODS true wireless earphones, and X-mini XOUNDBUDS earphones (wired and wireless). On review here is the X-mini XTLAS+, a premium wired earphones retailing at S$129.90.

X-mini XTLAS+ earphones review by musicphotolife.com, Singapore tech gadget blogger

Design and Operations

XTLAS+ is made for audio lovers. Encased in durable aluminium unibody with behind-the-ear cable that is pre-moulded and not malleable. Inside, two balanced armature driver and 8.6mm dynamic driver are responsible for the pristine audio sound it delivers.

X-mini XTLAS+ earphones review by musicphotolife.com, Singapore tech gadget blogger

The fabric-braided cables run the full length till the in-line remote where it splits into both channels with silicone cables. The remote is cylindrical, and the 3 buttons are shielded behind a single silicone panel without very clear markings, which makes it a challenge to find and operate on them quickly.

X-mini XTLAS+ earphones review by musicphotolife.com, Singapore tech gadget blogger

The earbuds are lightweight and comfortable to slip in. The eartips exert little pressure in my ear canal, yet they stay in place thanks to the around-the-ear design which ensures the downward cable weight is supported by the ear loop. Noise isolation is not good, and with a 32-ohm impedance, the XTLAS+ needs to turn up the volume lever higher than other earphones.

Audio Quality

The XTLAS+ is a pair of exceedingly transparent earphones. Its clarity is addictive yet at the same time fatiguing. Too much of a good thing is bad, as always. Listening to classical genres instantly delivers the clarity and clinical precision of the instruments. The balanced armature handles details well without the ugly sibilance. If you are looking for the tube amplifier kind of warmth and fullness, you will be disappointed. Likewise, bass does not fill up the ears as what the product materials seem to suggest. Yes, there are suggestive boom-bass qualities, but they only surface confidently when the treble does not take too much prominence.

X-mini XTLAS+ earphones audio chart analysis by musicphotolife.com, Singapore tech gadget blogger

Compared to the Creative Aurvana Trio, also a triple hybrid driver earphones, the XTLAS+ delivers clearer highs, less mid-bass. I prefer the Aurvana Trio tuning, but if you love the uber-hyped high-fidelity sound, XTLAS+ gives you the chills.


The X-mini XTLAS+ is an impressive pair of earphones that offers pristine treble sound and supportive bass. I find them works well for Classical genres more than pop genres, unless you like to be overloaded with hi-treble sensations. At a retail price of S$129.90, the XTLAS+ is very affordable, premium quality design, and comfortable to wear.

X-mini XTLAS+ earphones review by musicphotolife.com, Singapore tech gadget blogger

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