If you are an online shopper, you have probably signed up with a cashback service like ShopBack to earn cash from shopping hundreds of your favourite online stores. But it’s not possible to remember whether they are eligible for ShopBack.

That’s where Cashback Buddy comes in. It’s a ShopBack Browser Extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and works with desktop OS computers.

  • Notifies you whenever you are in an online store that is eligible for Cashback from ShopBack.
  • Discover the availability of Cashback from stores you never knew.
  • Notifies you in case you forget to click through ShopBack.

This simple browser extension is the second most sensible thing to do as an online shopper (obviously the first is to sign up ShopBack!). Through ShopBack, you can receive cashbacks for the most unexpected purchases, but it gets better if you have Cashback Buddy installed.

True Story

Here’s what happened to me #truestory: Two months ago, I was in the process of renewing my Norton Internet Security subscription via my Chrome browser when the Shopback Buddy prompted me that I could earn 20% cashback. I didn’t realise Norton was in the list!

Shopback Cashback Buddy prompts on Norton website
Shopback Cashback Buddy prompts me when I visit eligible websites

And so I clicked on the pop-up, and I’m done!

Shopback on Norton website

How much cashback did I get from this transaction? A whopping S$15! I would have lost this opportunity to earn this rebate if not for Cashback buddy. So for this smart move, I saved 20% and effectively paid only S$55. Awesome deal indeed!

Shopback on Norton website

Whenever you are shopping on the valid sites, keep an eye on the “S” icon on the top-right corner: if it’s green, then it’s activated and you are assured that ShopBack is tracking the transaction.

Cashback Buddy extension also provides other information like eligible stores valid for ShopBack, and account information like earnings.

Shopback account information on Cashback Buddy extension

Earn Cashback from Taobao The Smarter Way

With Singles Day ever-approaching, one of the features of the extension that would prove helpful to you would be how it makes earning Cashback from Taobao so much more convenient. If you’ve ever shopped at Taoabao with ShopBack, you will know the steps required which involve alternating between the search bar at ShopBack’s website and the search results at Taobao’s website. Then, you will have to repeat those steps for every single item you wish to add to cart.

But with the Extension, you need not alternate between the two websites as the search bar is already embedded on the extension. That makes it so much easier for you to shop at Taobao and earn Cashback with ShopBack!


Cashback Buddy is a free browser extension that makes sure you get your money worth when you do your online shopping. I have installed this for months but now that ShopBack requested me to do a sponsored shoutout, it’s a no-brainer for me. What’s more rewarding for a blogger than to be paid to share about things that I truly believe and endorse?


Note: Article is remunerated (sponsored), but opinions are real. Music Photo Life does not earn additional commissions on purchases made through links in this article.

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