Lazada 11.11 Sale Surprise Box reveal - Singapore consumer tech blog reviewer

Update: The 11.11 sale is over but the 12.12 sale has just begun! Check out the JBL Surprise Box here.


The 2018 Lazada 11.11 Sale happens on 11 November but the hype is already building up now. Visit the Lazada site from your browser or your smartphone app and you will find loads of flash sales up to 90% off and discount vouchers up for grabs which you can use on 11 Nov itself. As always, Lazada has collaborated with me on this partial reveal of one of the upcoming Surprise Boxes, this time from McBay Pte Ltd, distributor for SOUL Electronics audio products.

Lazada 11.11 Sale Surprise Box reveal - Singapore consumer tech blog reviewer

SOUL might not be familiar to many of you, but I have reviewed 2 of their earphone products a few months back and I am quite familiar with their product design and quality. The SOUL X-SHOCK true wireless earbuds deliver big bass response, and the SOUL Run Free Pro Bio has built-in biomechanical sensor to track your running gait. Both of these premium earphones are price above S$200.

Here is a chance for you to own a pair (or 2) of SOUL earphones for just S$29!!! Let’s start the reveal!

Lazada X McBay Pte Ltd – SOUL: Surprise Box Reveal

There are 3 items in my surprise box (your surprise box may vary), and one of them is the SS19 retailing at S$79.90. The second item is a wired earphones but I shall not reveal the model. The third item is an accessory. The total retail value is about S$100, and you might be able to get them at cheaper prices depending on where you buy from. But I don’t think you can beat the price of S$29. No way. This is a great Surprise Box deal if you are looking for wireless earphones.

Lazada 11.11 Sale Surprise Box reveal - SOUL SS19 wireless earphones - Singapore consumer tech blog reviewer

SOUL SS19 Review

I took the SS19 for a quick spin to understand the audio signature. It comes with a pouch, eartips, cable clip and a charging cable. The earphones deliver 6 hour battery life.

SOUL SS19 wireless earphones unboxing - Singapore consumer tech blog reviewer

To charge the earphones, plug to the micro USB port located on the right earbud.

SOUL SS19 wireless earphones - Singapore consumer tech blog reviewer

The cables go around the ears and has a malleable wire to adjust the cable in shape. The earbud case is made of plastic, giving it a lightweight feel. The earphones have IPX3 protection, so it’s good for sweaty runs.

SOUL SS19 wireless earphones - Singapore consumer tech blog reviewer

The audio balance is quite good for S$79 – and fabulous for S$29 Surprise Box value!!! Its sound quality is balanced across the frequency, with firm bass but not overwhelming like SOUL X-SHOCK or other bassy earphones (getting a tighter eartip fit will improve bass response more). The treble is bright with some transparency but the treble quality is not as disciplined as the more expensive models. At loud music, the treble is slightly shattering and sibilant. If you are listening to music with very harsh treble, this earphones might accentuate the rawness. Additionally, the SS19 noise floor is rather obvious to my ears.

SOUL SS19 wireless earphones audio rating by - Singapore consumer tech blog reviewer

Having said all that, at S$29, this is a keeper. I like it because it achieves treble clarity and bass response that should appeal to the general listener. The sound staging is also quite wide and distinct. The noise isolation is pretty good. I can appreciate the quality this pair of earphones can offer. It has the potential as a premium earphones, just that for audiophiles, its treble has a challenge in handling harsh passages.

SOUL SS19 wireless earphones - Singapore consumer tech blog reviewer


The Lazada X SOUL Surprise Box is one of the best boxes I have reviewed this year. If you are looking for a good sounding pair of wireless earphones that are comfortable and secure for your daily use, I recommend this earphones.

The Lazada X SOUL Surprise Box goes on sale at 9am, 11 Nov!

SOUL SS19 Product Page

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