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Airtame, a Danish startup, has enjoyed success in the first-generation wireless HDMI device for business and education sectors since it’s crowdfunding initiative in 2014. A few days back, they teased me with the news of their second-generation Airtame 2, which I am able to disclose now after the embargo is lifted.

Airtame 2 in meeting room
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What does Airtame solution do? In a nutshell, it works like a wireless display adapter for any monitors, projectors, TVs, etc. Unlike Chromecast or Apple TV, Airtame solution is for Enterprise environment where you need to access using WPA2 Enterprise networks, while the others are used in a consumer environment and not as robust to manage and support multiple devices. Compared to Miracast, Airtame solution can be used by multiple platforms, not restricted to Windows or Android. The connectivity options are more, for instance, connect via public cloud, via Ethernet. With Airtame, user just logs in to Airtame portal to connect to any display based on the assigned PIN code. Other than mirroring the device to the large screen, businesses can configure empty screens with digital signages. While the price is higher than the consumer wireless options, Airtame solution is designed for scalability in a multi-user multi-device environment.

Here are more detailed comparison with other alternative solutions in the market.

Airtame 2
Image credit: Airtame

While the Airtame 2 is visibly larger than the first-generation Airtame, the design is more appealing and flexible as the connectors allow better placement. It also supports Kensington lock to protect the device in public environments. Here are the list of differences between Airtame 1 and Airtame 2:

  • Better components: Four times the amount of RAM for speedy firmware and software updates and a product better equipped for future advancements.
  • Brand-new WiFi chip: The new chip is about five times faster than its precursor, which provides the user with both a faster and more reliable internet connection.
  • 2 x wireless range enhancement
  • Intuitive LED – the glowing light indicates the current state of your device, whether it’s updating, in standby mode or actively being used to present.
  • Flexible setup: Mount the device with the supplied magnetic wall mount. No need for drilling into a wall!
Airtame 2 magnetic dock
Image credit: Airtame

Brian Kyed, CPO and co-founder at Airtame, has this to say in the press release: “Airtame 2 takes a huge step forward in design and functionality. Where the main objective of our first product was to get rid of cables, Airtame 2 will empower people in professional settings to use screens and projectors to their full potential – and unlock better collaboration.”

Airtame 2 retails at US$399 per device, available for pre-order now.

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